Evangelical Theology, Second Edition

A Biblical and Systematic Introduction

by Michael F. Bird

On Sale: 2020-10-20

Book Summary

Evangelical Theology, Second Edition is gospel-centered theology that is accessible and balanced. The gospel is the fulcrum of Christian doctrine, so an authentically evangelical theology is the working out of the gospel in the various doctrines of theology as the good news that should shape how we think, pray, preach, teach, and minister.

About the Book

Gospel-Centered Theology for Today

Evangelical Theology, Second Edition helps today's readers understand and practice the doctrines of the Christian faith by presenting a gospel-centered theology that is accessible, rigorous, and balanced. According author Michael Bird the gospel is the fulcrum of Christian doctrine; the gospel is where God meets us and where we introduce the world to God. And as such, an authentically evangelical theology is the working out of the gospel in the various doctrines of Christian theology.

The text helps readers learn the essentials of Christian theology through several key features, including:

  • A "What to Take Home" section at end of every part that gives readers a run-down on all the important things they need to know.
  • Tables, sidebars, and questions for discussion to help reinforce key ideas and concepts
  • A "Comic Belief" section, since reading theology can often be dry and cerebral, so that readers enjoy their learning experience through some theological humor added for good measure.

Now in its second edition, Evangelical Theology has proven itself in classrooms around the world as a resource that helps readers not only understand the vital doctrines of Christian theology but one that shows them how the gospel should shape how they think, pray, preach, teach, and minister in the world.


'You need this ecumenical systematic theology on your bookshelf--one that begins at, centers on, and ends with the gospel. This is the lens that both laypeople and academics need to bring into focus what God is revealing to us in his Word. Not only does Mike Bird give that, but he makes it both fun and challenging to read as he humbly interacts with theologians past and present on the content of our faith. He is the fun uncle that has crashed the stodgy family party, showing what is real and exciting about our heritage in Christ.'

'Michael Bird seeks to place evangelical theology on surer footing by engaging with the best in the Christian tradition, and he succeeds admirably. This new edition incorporates conversations with the global church. Its conversational style makes it highly readable and unique for a systematic theology. I will not hesitate to recommend it as a course textbook.'

'My friend Michael Bird is a gift to the evangelical church. His sheer brilliance and witty humor is breath of fresh air. Reading Evangelical Theology is an adventure. It's really, really good. I believe it is so because Bird-man writes, 'I unabashedly believe that the good news of Jesus Christ is the most important doctrine.' This book must be in your theological library. You will return to it again and again.'

'This second edition is a timely, thorough, and accessible text for students and for all who desire to deepen their understanding of the Christian faith. Without losing theological rigor, Bird navigates a host of pressing contemporary questions with precision and care. This new edition engages a wide variety of conversation partners and offers opportunities for sustained conversation.'

'For years, I have frequently and enthusiastically recommended this book to students for its comprehensive and fair treatment of key issues in Christian doctrine and practice. Now with more diverse dialogue partners and even more robust treatments of key issues in the ever developing world of theology, I have even more reasons to do so. Bird simply keeps readers' attention on the gospel, as he exhaustively equips us to learn it well so we can live it well.'

'Mike Bird's second edition of the already potent Evangelical Theology has gained impressive horsepower. With the first edition I had at last found a text that could engage and excite the theologically apathetic. I'm even more enthusiastic for students to dive into the second edition. The updated sources strengthen an already well-researched text in Bird's always engaging style. His treatment of theological method provides long-overdue correctives for evangelicals. As he then models that method, he demonstrates how a gospel-driven approach to theology unleashes the power of theology across the loci. This text will benefit thoughtful Christians in both congregation and classroom, anchoring theological novices while stretching those whose theology has become domesticated.'

'Evangelical Theology is a gift to God's people. The revised edition offers the biblical foundations and extensive historical perspectives of its original publication, along with a more substantive incorporation of theologians from the global south. This robust theological exposition produces the intellectual, moral, and spiritual growth that fuels the personal and public witness of the church.'

'I warmly welcome this second edition of Mike Bird's Evangelical Theology. The gospel both generates and governs Christian faith, but systematic theologies sometimes smother it under the weight of conceptual schemes, confessional traditions, or social agendas. Not on Bird's watch. The gospel is front and center in all eight parts of this thoroughly revised, wiser, wider, and wittier work. With its persistent focus on the meaning and significance of the gospel of Jesus Christ, this book may be the tonic we need to rescue the term evangelical from being either drained of meaning altogether or linked to something less than the cause of Jesus and his coming kingdom.'

'Students of evangelical theology should welcome this second, revised-and-expanded version of Michael Bird's widely read text. In his inimitable style, with wide-ranging engagement with sources old and new, as well as impressive clarity and verve, Bird here offers a fetching and substantive account of Christian theology. Those looking to find their way through the thickets of contemporary evangelical teaching will be well-served by Bird's guidance.'

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