The Story of Reality Study Guide

How the World Began, How it Ends, and Everything Important that Happens in Between

by Gregory Koukl

On Sale: 2020-12-22

Book Summary

The Story of Reality Study Guide explores a big-picture, true description of the shape of the world and the meaning of the drama of human history from beginning to end.

About the Book

Study the narrative backbone of the Christian story and how all the plotlines of that story are resolved in the end.

Biblical Christianity is more than just another private religious view. It's more than just a personal relationship with God or a source of moral teaching. Christianity is a picture of reality. It explains why the world is the way it is. When the pieces of this puzzle are properly assembled, we see the big picture clearly.

This six-session, video-based study guide (DVD/streaming video sold separately)—based on the theological observations of his book, The Story of Reality—Gregory Koukl guides you and your group through the narrative arc of reality. Throughout this experience, you'll learn:

  • The vital answer to the question: What is Christianity?
  • The five basic elements forming the plotline of the entire Christian story.
  • How the Christian story explains why there's evil in the world.
  • The precise reason why Jesus is the only way of salvation.
  • Why biblical faith is not a leap of wishful thinking.
  • Reasons why the story's record of the life and resurrection of Jesus is reliable.
  • How the biblical view of reality is the best explanation for the way things are.

This video-based study is designed to be experienced in a group setting or any small gathering and includes outlines of the video teachings, reflections, self-assessment exercises, discussion questions, and other activities to help you understand the concepts and put them into practice.

Participants in this course will come away with a more grounded understanding of biblical reality and a greater appreciation for the Christian tradition.

The Story of Reality Video Study (9780310100751) sold separately.

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