Leading Small Groups That Thrive

Five Shifts to Take Your Group to the Next Level

by Ryan T. Hartwig, Courtney W. Davis, Jason A. Sniff, Jared Musgrove

On Sale: 2020-08-11

Book Summary

Based on a large-scale research study, this book shows small group leaders, step by step, how to plan for, launch, build, sustain, and multiply highly effective, transformational, healthy small group experiences where people grow spiritually together.

About the Book

Nearly every church is trying to help their congregants build relationships with others, grow as disciples, and/or engage in meaningful service through small groups. Many have argued that these small groups are the preferred vehicle for relationship building, disciple making, and membership assimilation in the local church, especially in large, multisite churches.

Leading Small Groups That Thrive shows small group leaders, step by step, how to plan for, launch, build, sustain, and multiply highly effective, transformational, healthy small group experiences where people grow spiritually together. Based on a large-scale research study of small group pastors, leaders, and members, Leading Small Groups That Thrive gives church leaders both what they want--practical, straightforward, actual small group member voices and experiences, and compelling guidance on how to build transformational groups complemented with real-life examples and data of successful small groups--and what they need--substantial, challenging insights and a data-driven model grounded in the latest research on church small groups.


'Based on rock-solid research, this gem unearths the strengths and weaknesses of many small group ministries, and offers assessment tools to evaluate your ministry. But, most of all, this is a leadership book. When leaders read and apply Leading Small Groups That Thrive, they'll grow into effective, confident, transformational disciple-makers.'

'For years I've hoped for some real research about how and why groups work. Yours feels the most accessible. I'm not being polite when I say this, but if a person was only going to buy one book on small groups, I'd direct them to yours!'

'Inspirational. Catalytic. Strategic. Read this book to discover key questions, powerful mindset shifts, and essential leader habits for a flourishing small groups ministry.'

'Leading Small Groups That Thrive is an important book for all of us who realize that the church is not an event, but a community with a cause! Ryan, Courtney, and Jason combine passion for small groups with solid research, real-life stories and practical tools to show us how to get good at groups. If you want to know how to make disciples and foster genuine Biblical community then this is a must read!'

'Since the church was born, small groups have always been a vital part of Christianity, and they will only become more important in the future. This book is a gift to God's family, filled with resources to give you the right foundation and practice for thriving small groups.'

'Small group ministries are the great conundrum in most American churches. Everybody says they're vital, but few have figured out how to make them actually work. Frankly, we've been given too much theory and idealism and not enough research highlighting the best practices that really work. This book will be a great help to the church at large.'

'The staggering amount of research in this book has been used to create practical, doable takeaways for anyone in small group leadership who wants to see the people in their groups thrive. I'm SO thankful this book is now available to leaders.'

'This book speaks visionary truth with empowering grace. Combining fascinating real-life research with insightful questions, thoughtful analysis, compelling models, and pragmatic recommendations, this is a unique and valuable resource for small group leaders and ministries.'

'This fresh, powerful book is gold. Both engaging and informative, it shows small groups that thrive and empowers leaders to move their groups to greater health. Seasoned leaders will be surprised by the new insights that the book brings out.'

'Want to learn the secrets of sustainable momentum to overcome groups that struggle, limp along, and eventually sputter out? This outstanding book is chock full of fresh insights, practical tools, and a powerful roadmap that can lead any group to the next level. If you've ever wondered how to cast a compelling vision for small group life that equips existing leaders and raises up new ones, this is a must-read! I can't wait to get this into the hands of our leaders!'

'We're constantly asked: How can I improve my small groups ministry? I'm grateful for this book that provides great answers to the questions small group leaders consistently ask. Based on robust research and the science behind what makes groups work, this book lays out an actionable plan to take your group from barely surviving to thriving. It's my pleasure to recommend it to you.'

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