God of All Things

Rediscovering the Sacred in an Everyday World

by Andrew Wilson, Jen Wilkin

On Sale: 2021-03-02

Book Summary

God created a physical world full of marvels both mundane and extraordinary, which portray glimpses of the sacred for those with eyes to see. In God of All Things, author Andrew Wilson celebrates the everyday created things that point us toward our Creator.

About the Book

Abstract theology is overrated, for God can be found in even the most ordinary of things.

Jesus used things like a lily, sparrow, and sheep to teach about the kingdom of God. And in the Old Testament, God repeatedly describes himself and his saving work in relation to physical things such as a rock, horn, or eagle.

In God of All Things, pastor and author Andrew Wilson invites you to rediscover God in this way, too--through ordinary, everyday things. He explores the idea of a material world and presents a variety of created marvels that reveal the gospel in everyday life and fuel worship and joy in God--marvels like:

  • Dust: the image of God
  • Horns: the salvation of God
  • Donkeys: the peace of God
  • Water: the life of God
  • Viruses: the problem of God
  • Cities: the kingdom of God

God of All Things will leave you with a deeper understanding of Scripture, the world you live in, and the God who made it all.


'A treasure of a book from Andrew, and one that I didn't want to finish. Seeing God through everything he has made is sheer delight.'

'Andrew Wilson is one of my favorite writers. And this book reminds me why. He displays a gift for weaving biblical theology with everyday illustrations that leads me to worship God. In this book, you'll get to know God's Word more deeply. And you'll never look at the world the same way.'

'Creation was always meant to point beyond itself, and Andrew Wilson shows us the myriad and wonderful ways in which it does. This book is packed with insight and nourishment on every page. I found myself pointed to Christ in so many surprising and fresh ways, and provoked to worship a God of such grace and beauty.'

'Reading each chapter, I marveled anew at the kindness of God to instruct his children with such gentle care.'

'What a wonderful book! God of All Things caught my attention from the start, reminding me that all God's works--and I do mean all--proclaim his glory. From rainbows to donkeys to everyday tools, the things of this life really do reveal the God of life. This book is a delightful primer in learning how to truly see things for what they are.'

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