Contagious Faith

Discover Your Natural Style for Sharing Jesus with Others

by Mark Mittelberg, Lee Strobel

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Book Summary

In Contagious Faith, bestselling author Mark Mittelberg introduces you to the five Contagious Faith Styles--Friendship-Building, Selfless-Serving, Story-Sharing, Reason-Giving, and Truth-Telling--and helps you discover which of these approaches will enable you to naturally and effectively share your faith in Jesus with the people around you.

About the Book

Contagious Faith will prepare you to share God's love with others in a way that's authentic, comfortable, and impactful.

As disciples of Christ, we are called to share the gospel, but few of us are naturally comfortable with evangelism. We wrestle with internal fears, a lack of preparation, and the sense that reaching out to others might force us to act like someone we're not. What if we could find a way to talk about Jesus that fits our personalities, makes us feel confident, and ignites a fire in others?

In Contagious Faith, bestselling author and teacher Mark Mittelberg introduces five approaches to evangelism and helps you determine which of them fit best with your unique personality and style:

  • Friendship-Building
  • Selfless-Serving
  • Story-Sharing
  • Reason-Giving
  • Truth-Telling

He also explains in a down-to-earth fashion several key skills that will help you talk about Jesus effectively, illustrating his message with real-life accounts of ordinary believers who applied these principles for extraordinary impact.

With inspiring stories, fresh approaches, and timeless biblical wisdom, Contagious Faith will equip you to make a spiritual impact in the lives of the people around you—even in our increasingly resistant culture.


'Mark Mittelberg thinks intentionally about evangelism probably more than anyone else I know. His insights are always biblical and creative. That's why I read everything he writes. I highly recommend this newest book, Contagious Faith. It's filled with practical advice on how to share your faith in these days.'

'Contagious Faith is my favorite book on evangelism. It is so empowering to know, as Mark explains, that God has wired us uniquely with different ways of doing evangelism. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, a thinker or a feeler, this book will give you practical ways of sharing your faith that reflect how God has made you to help build his kingdom.'

'We have the beautiful gift of salvation, but many of us are intimidated about sharing it with others. In Contagious Faith, Mark Mittelberg will show you how to use your talents, gifting, and personality for the glory of God. Winsome, accessible, and jam-packed with solid information!'

'Churches have either forgotten that seeking and saving the lost was Christ's mission or they simply don't know how to be effective at it. Mark has laid out the most in-depth strategy for churches and individuals to share the gospel. It has been a game changer at my home church--Christ Church in northeast Louisiana!'

'I love how my friend Mark Mittelberg teaches us natural ways to help spiritually wayward sons and daughters find their way back to the Father, and to give them a rock-solid assurance through the gospel that surely heaven waits for them.'

'Mark is one of my faith heroes and, I believe, among the most important writers of our time. Contagious Faith is a masterpiece that combines a biblical rationale with practical counsel and dozens of real-life stories. A powerful guide for discovering the kind of 'inner evangelist' I am, I'm confident it will help you discover the same for yourself.'

'Mark Mittelberg's wonderful new book, Contagious Faith, is a joy to read! Highly motivational and a much-needed reminder that God delights in using all of us who follow Jesus. In a time when people are desperate for good news, Contagious Faith helps us share the Best News Ever!'

'The greatest evangelistic tool you have at your disposal is you. Effective evangelism happens by employing yourself in the service of the King to naturally and contextually engage others with the good news of Jesus Christ. If you don't know how to do this, my friend Mark Mittelberg wrote Contagious Faith to help you find your natural approach.'

'In Contagious Faith, Mark doesn't bring us another trend. He brings us a foundation for evangelism you'll want to act upon and then share with your friends. His five Faith Styles will surely get you thinking and, more importantly, acting.'

'We know we should share our faith with others but often struggle with a sense of inadequacy, not knowing where to begin. In this book, Mark Mittelberg gives us the inspiration and practical tools we need to reach others with the gospel. He also reminds us that we are uniquely created by God--gifted to share Jesus in different ways.'

'Nothing enhances my witness more than having a good relationship of trust with the person I'm sharing the gospel. In this context the one I'm burdened for has the opportunity to observe the fruit of God's Spirit in my life in many different settings. In Contagious Faith, Mark helps us understand the variety of ways God works in making our faith real to that person.'

'My favorite books are the ones by authors who I know are living out what they've written. That's why I highly recommend Contagious Faithby my friend Mark Mittelberg. It provides practical ways to live a truly contagious faith--one that those who desperately need Jesus will want to catch!'

'Mark Mittelberg has done it again. While the Good News of Jesus never loses its power to change lives, we need to find fresh ways to talk about it and be renewed in our passion for doing so. Contagious Faith reveals five biblical approaches to sharing our faith that fit who God uniquely made us.'

'For too long we've accepted a version of Christian faith that believers think they can keep to themselves. But this looks nothing like Jesus and it's not found in the Bible. In Contagious Faith, my friend Mark Mittelberg leads us on a journey of what it looks like to fall in love with the greatest thing on earth--Jesus--to the point you can no longer keep him to yourself.'

'Contagious Faith tackles head-on the truth that Jesus calls every Christian to share the gospel. If that scares you, then this book is for you. Mark outlines how God can use your unique wiring (yes, yours) to reach others for the kingdom. He provides practical tips on maximizing your gifts and personality, and helps you learn from other people's strengths too.'

'Mark Mittelberg has written a terrific guide on how to share your faith in a way that is responsible, faithful, kind, and plays to your own personal gifts. Whether you're a life-of-the-party extrovert or quietly bookish, you can still have a contagious faith. Mark shows you how!'

'I have known and respected Mark for over three decades and commend his ministry, this new book, and his life-changing vision for contagious faith to every Christian who wants to see more people find and follow Jesus. If you want a partner in helping you learn to share your faith in winsome and effective ways, I can think of no better person than Mark Mittelberg.'

'When Jesus locked eyes with his disciples to give the Great Commission mandate, he was looking through them at us--his followers throughout time. Contagious Faith is a joyous invitation to join Jesus in reaching our neighbors, both local and global. My advice: handle with care. Once you crack it open, you won't be able to contain its infectious message!'

'You are holding more than a book in your hand. You are holding a match that can spark a revival fire that will ignite a family, a community, a workplace, a school, and even a whole nation with the glory and power of God. If you'll read and apply the practical wisdom in Contagious Faith, there's no telling how God will work in and through your life.'

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