30 Days to Growing in Your Faith

Enrich Your Life in 15 Minutes a Day

by Max Anders

On Sale: 2021-08-03

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Book Summary

Utilizing the same format as the bestselling 30 Days to Understanding the Bible, this new resource from pastor Max Anders presents an A-to-Z overview of the essentials for the Christian life, drawing on classic Christian teaching, but avoiding Christian lingo and insider information.

About the Book


Deepen your faith, strengthen your relationship with God, and enrich your life with this practical guide for spiritual growth.

In 30 Days to Growing in Your Faith, Max Anders uses a repetition and response methodology to outline a helpful framework for Christian living. To make a complex topic easier to grasp, this book is divided into three sections that reflect the basics of spiritual growth:

  • KNOW: feed your mind with the truth
  • BE: integrate your life with the lives of other solid Christians
  • DO: get up each day and try your best to do what is true and right

Within each of these sections, Max outlines the most important things you need to know, using simple explanations and workbook-style learning to drive biblical truth into the hearts and minds of those who seek it. Themes like these will be addressed:

  • Eternal perspective and purpose
  • Desired attitudes, values, and behavior
  • Responsibilities as followers of Christ

Insightful, engaging, and easy-to-use, 30 Days to Growing in Your Faith balances classic Christian teaching with innovative applications for today, giving you a solid foundation for a lifetime of growing in your faith. If you've been wondering how to engage with God's Word in your daily life, this is a must-read.


'The effects of postmodernity pose a challenge to Christians everywhere. As Christians, and especially those of us from emerging democracies, our lives need to be in complete harmony with the Word of God. Dr. Max Anders, a prolific writer of over twenty-five Christian books, provides a helpful framework of Christian truth to all who desire to seek a closer relationship with God. Every Christian eager for greater depth in their faith should read 30 Days to Growing in Your Faith. It is a must-read for the church in the Two-Thirds World and for Christians everywhere. It's incredible.'

'This is a book for all followers of Christ who want to go deeper in their faith. Dr. Anders's unique ability to combine incisive biblical truth with clever and effective methodology makes reading this book a delight. It enables the reader to remember what was read and to be able to share the truth anytime, anywhere. I will be a student for years to come and will recommend this resource to all I know.'

'Max Anders creates great material to help everyday people better engage God and His word. I recommend this book.'

'Max Anders has done it again! 30 Days to Growing in Your Faith is an absolute must-read for anyone who feels too busy and too overwhelmed with life, unsure of how to find the time to be alone with the Lord. If a person will commit fifteen minutes per day for a month, he or she will be led to Jesus and find the ways to be happy and fulfilled in this life and in the life everlasting. Anders talks and teaches about being, knowing, and doing, all three of which are foundational to a mature Christian walk. Thanks, Max, for this practical, 'how-to' approach to growing in our faith!'

'Max Anders is a godly man of deep integrity and purpose whom I've known for over four decades. I can honestly say that of the hundreds of authors I've read over the years, there are very, very few who possess the gift he has. His ability to digest large volumes of information laced with complex, interconnected ideas and then boil everything down into tight, simple summaries is very unique. If you've read his bestselling classic 30 Days to Understanding the Bible, you'll understand what I mean. Now he has blessed us with that wonderful gift once again in 30 Days to Growing in Your Faith, which I'm certain will become a must-have companion volume.'

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