A Simple Guide to Experience Miracles

Instruction and Inspiration for Living Supernaturally in Christ

by J. P. Moreland

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Book Summary

A Simple Guide to Experience Miracles will give you credible confidence of the supernatural realm, guiding you in how to experience more miraculous interventions in your life and ministry. Author J. P. Moreland shows how five kinds of genuine miracles can bring you comfort, strengthen your faith, and create boldness in your life.

About the Book

Does God Still Do Miracles Today? A Simple Guide to Experience Miracles will give you confidence in and awareness of the supernatural realm as you learn how to flourish spiritually by experiencing more miraculous interventions in your life and ministry. Internationally renowned philosopher J. P. Moreland looks at the nature of miracles and explains why bearing and receiving credible testimony to God's miraculous acts is a crucial feature of a mature Jesus-follower. He also shows how to distinguish a real miracle from a mere coincidence. Miracles bring comfort to believers, strengthening faith in God and creating boldness in our lives.

While miraculous healings have occurred frequently throughout church history, Moreland provides data showing how the last fifty years have seen a massive outbreak of miracles and supernatural activity. Today, he argues, the church should humbly expect to see more of these miraculous works of God than we do.

Moreland looks at topics like:

  • The relationship between sickness and suffering, along with two different ways to pray for healing
  • How to discern clearly the difference between a genuine miracle and a mere coincidence
  • How to increase your faith that petitionary prayer really works and what to make of unanswered prayer
  • Six ways God speaks to us and advice for hearing God wisely and biblically
  • The role angels play in our lives, how they appear to us, and how to combat demonic influence
  • The biblical basis for most Near-Death Experiences and what we can learn from them

A Simple Guide to Experience Miracles increases your expectation and hope that God can and often does miraculously intervene to bring help and comfort. Moreland shows that it makes rational sense to step out and engage in employing Kingdom power and to strengthen courage to witness and act on behalf of the gospel of Jesus. Filled with inspiring, credible, motivating accounts of miracles, he covers five different kinds of supernatural activities and provides practical wisdom about how to begin practices such as healing prayer and learning to deal with the demonic.


'Don't miss this book! Powerful, provocative, persuasive, practical--it's a masterful exploration of modern miracles and related topics that will encourage you in your spiritual life. With the sharp intellect and inquisitive mind of a seasoned philosopher, J. P. Moreland investigates key issues surrounding God's supernatural activity in today's world. Read it, ponder it, discuss it, apply it--and then tell others about it!'

'It's a privilege to endorse this life-changing book so needed in the church at this time. After Christian philosopher J. P. Moreland provides clear ways to think about unanswered prayer and offers a grid for recognizing special divine action and helping us see how our lives are surrounded by miracles, he takes us on a fascinating tour of God's works today. I wish I could have read this faith-encouraging book on miracles before writing mine!'

'As a new Christian at the age of thirty-five, I struggled to see God's involvement in the world around me. I had grown so accustomed to attributing everything to the forces of nature or the efforts of humans that I missed the obvious interaction of God. I so wish I had J. P. Moreland's new book back then. A Simple Guide to Experience Miracles will help you recognize God's handiwork in your own life, reenergize your prayer life, and renew your sense of awe and wonder. Don't waste another day overlooking the miraculous, supernatural activity of God. Let J. P. show you what you may have been missing.'

'This remarkable book is filled with numerous fascinating, faith-building reports of miracles that God continues to work even today. Those stories make this book a persuasive refutation of the claim that miracles have ceased. J. P. Moreland also argues for the veracity of these reports, using the analytic skills of a professional philosopher. And he writes with practical pastoral wisdom as he explains why we should still be expecting miracles today and how we can pray more effectively. Highly recommended!'

'Whether you are still skeptical and doubt the reality of the miraculous or are a passionate proponent of the supernatural, this book is for you. With remarkable depth and clarity, J. P. Moreland brings to bear on this subject his gifting as a philosopher, apologist, theologian, and student of the Scriptures. He explores with profound insight and biblical grounding such issues as the nature of the miraculous, whether we should pray for miracles, and how we might know if a miracle has happened. The specific stories of the miraculous cited in the book as well as J. P.'s personal experience will serve you well as you explore this fascinating topic. I can't recommend this excellent book too highly.'

'It often takes a scholar with gravitas and a firm reputation to risk moving readers toward an emerging position that is viewed skeptically by many peers. Miracles today? Where's the data? J. P. Moreland is just such a researcher who thinks that the time has come to both take that challenge and place it within a framework that makes good sense. Very highly recommended.'

'God is on the move today all over the world, and it's important to have careful documentation of divine miracles that are faith building. J. P. Moreland is a highly respected scholar, and he has been very careful to vet and verify five different kinds of contemporary miracles happening all around us. He also provides engaging, inspiring cases of each, along with solid reflections about how to think about the miraculous. I highly recommend this unique and exciting book.'

'A Simple Guide to Experience Miracles helped open up new depths of intercessory prayer and discernment in my life when I needed it most. If you are a Christian who has longed to experience more of God's supernatural and gospel-authenticating presence, this book is an answer to your prayers. If you are a skeptic or a seeker, you will find a sober-minded, reasoned approach to considering the reality of a wonder-working God. Dr. Moreland approaches his readers with the warmth of an old friend, taking them on a tour of vetted miracle accounts. Highly practical and a brilliant encouragement!'

'J. P. Moreland is a brilliant thinker with a tender heart and winsome spirit, an expert who chooses to remain a novice in order to discover more of the King and his kingdom. His humility and hunger for the things of God inspire me. A Simple Guide to Experience Miracles is exceptional. It marries what is necessary today but so often easily separated: mastery and mystery, conviction and curiosity, rigorous scholarship and passionate spirituality, logic and fire. I highly recommend this book to everyone eager to encounter the incomparable God who moves in inexplicable ways.'

'J. P. Moreland brings together both the sharp, rational evidence of an acclaimed philosophy professor and heart-inspiring credible stories to convince the skeptic and inspire the believer--God's miraculous intervention is not only real, but practically accessible, as you will see.'

'J. P. Moreland's unique book sparkles with spiritual vibrancy, fresh insight, and seasoned wisdom. Not only will readers find their hearts strangely warmed, but they will also be greatly encouraged to trust more fully in God's power, to become more fervent and expectant in prayer, and to view life in this world with a renewed kingdom vision. This book is a gem!'

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