Recovering Our Sanity

How the Fear of God Conquers the Fears that Divide Us

by Michael Horton, Michael Beck

On Sale: 2022-02-15

Book Summary

We can express fear of just about any threat to our well-being, but will find raised eyebrows if we mention fearing God. However, what if we are depriving ourselves of the only antidote to our crippling fears? In Recovering Our Sanity, Michael Horton argues that the only way to conquer the wrong kinds of fear is to embrace the right kind.

About the Book

How cultivating a healthy fear of God liberates us from our fear of others, our fear of the future, and even our fear of death itself.

At times the world feels like it's losing its mind. From politics to the pandemic, we live with an ever-increasing uncertainty, and many of us have grown to fear the rapid disintegration of our society and our own lives.

Recovering Our Sanity is not another self-help book about how to beat your daily fears for a better life. It's a book that will show you the gravity and glory of a God who's worthy of our fear. It’s a book that will reveal how these two biblical phrases—Fear God and Do Not Be Afraid—are not contradictory but actually one coherent message.

Michael Horton—Professor of Theology and Apologetics at Westminster Seminary—shows us that we cannot fight our fears by seeking the absence of fear altogether, but by living with a fear of God that drives out the fear of everything else. Horton will walk you through the case for the fear of God by:

  • Developing what it means to fear God, biblically and theologically, and what this kind of fear looks like in practice.
  • Categorizing different types of fears—from cultural anxiety to pain and hardship—and what they stem from.
  • Focusing on how to confront our earthly fears with our hope in Christ, rooted in the gospel.
  • Reminding us that God does not exist for us; we exist for God.

Humbling, thought-provoking, and hope-igniting, Recovering Our Sanity delivers a timely message that will help you shift your focus from a human-centered obsession with self-preservation to a fixation on Christ and his salvation.

Rather than clinging to false securities and promises of immediate gratification, you can gain the lasting joy of knowing the One who has given himself to save us and who says to us, "Do not be afraid."

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