What You Do Best

Unleashing the Power of Your Spiritual Gifts, Relational Style, and Life Passion

by Bruce L. Bugbee

On Sale: 2022-05-24

Book Summary

In this new book, Bruce Bugbee shows Christians how to be faithful, fruitful, and fulfilled by discovering their God-given design and unique contribution to this world in their life, ministry, and marketplace relationships. Online assessments help readers identify their unique spiritual gifts, relational style, and life passion.

About the Book

Have you found fulfillment in life?

When you look at a plate, cup, or fork, you realize each has been designed and created for a different purpose. What if you could look into the mind and heart of God and see just how you have been designed and created? If you truly knew you were a "plate, cup, or fork," you would be freed from trying to be someone you are not, and free to live your life with greater faithfulness, fruitfulness, and fulfillment...making God famous!

God created you to be fruitful by discovering your God-given design and the role he created for you. What You Do Best equips you to identify and express your unique contribution to this world as an integral part of your relationships, life, and ministry. The biblical principles in these pages can free you to pursue your life's calling with enthusiasm and confidence as you gain a better understanding of who God made you to be. Bruce Bugbee provides proven tools and a conversational approach that will guide you with confidence and competence toward a greater fulfillment of God's will for your life.

What You Do Best provides reflection questions for each chapter that help you journal or discuss what you are learning with others, as well as Scripture passages for further study. You'll learn about the importance and use of spiritual gifts and how to identify the gifts God has given to you. You'll discover your unique relational style and uncover your life passion. What You Do Best helps you to closely examine yourself, assess your relationship with God, and reflect on what you need in order to thrive as the person you were created to be. You'll emerge from the process with a greater understanding of God, his purposes, your calling, and your role in this world. Each copy of the book includes access to three online self-assessments that help you to identify your unique spiritual gifts, relational style, and life passion.


'A handbook that aptly summarizes biblical principles into a potent guide for everyday Christian living. This is a book worth reading and rereading for insight and practical application!'

'All of us who have been doing this work over the last couple of decades are aware that we are building on the work of Bruce Bugbee. What You Do Best is his most important work yet.'

'Any organization interested in improving its leadership or management team can find many consultants and much literature in the marketplace. Bruce Bugbee offers a unique approach.'

'Are you seeking direction and alignment, or simply trying to avoid burnout? Whatever the case, this book is a must-read and a staple in your library.'

'Bruce Bugbee has been a pioneer and leader in helping ordinary followers of Jesus live an extraordinary life of meaning and fruitfulness. I have become a better leader and more faithful disciple because of the ideas in this book.'

'Bruce Bugbee has faithfully responded to God's call on his life by teaching gift-based ministry and serving God's people through outstanding, user-friendly tools accessible to all who desire to teach and learn from them.'

'Bruce Bugbee is brilliant! I always enjoy learning from him whenever he speaks to our core leadership. I enthusiastically recommend Bruce to any purpose-driven church that wants to mobilize members for ministry.'

'Bruce Bugbee's work on spiritual gifts has been foundational to my own spiritual journey and ministry with Christian college students.'

'Filled with keen insights and practical tools, What You Do Best helps us rediscover our God-given shape, leading to a more satisfying life and greater kingdom impact.'

'I can't think of a more important investment of a person's time than understanding who God created them to be and what he calls them to do. What You Do Best shines a bright light on one's journey of self-understanding.'

'I don't know of another person who has devoted more prayer, study, thought, time, and energy to helping people find their ministry roles than Bruce Bugbee. I strongly encourage you to let him ignite your passion as you read What You Do Best.'

'I love the emphasis Bruce Bugbee places on people development instead of program development. When it comes to people development, you start with the wisdom of the crown of God's creation and let people reflect the creativity of their Creator in the world.'

'I recommend Bruce Bugbee's wisdom and insights to anyone who is seeking to find their right place of service within the kingdom of God.'

'If you're looking to help others discover how they can make an impact in the world, I would start here.'

'Rejecting both cookie-cutter models and hyper-individualized systems, Bruce Bugbee walks leaders through the whys and hows of gift-based ministry and demonstrates that the Spirit builds wholes that are greater than the sums of their parts.'

'So many today suffer from role confusion. They are willing to serve, but they haven't been able to align their passions with their spiritual gifts. This book has helped many people understand what they can do best--and how.'

'Spiritual gifts are supernatural abilities. What You Do Best accelerates this core truth and links it to our relational style and life passion.'

'The principles of What You Do Best have made a significant difference in my marketplace leadership and consulting. I've been able to influence thousands with the teachings from this book.'

'This book can change your life and your ministry. It's a must-read for anyone who desires to successfully lead and serve!'

'This is a timely word for a culture that needs to hear they have a part to play in the mission of God, a message every believer needs to hear!'

'Today we have teachers who stray from biblical truths and practices into humanistic philosophies that resemble the truth but actually promote false teachings. Bruce Bugbee keeps us focused on doing God's will his way.'

'Understanding who we are is crucial because ministry flows out of our being. Bruce Bugbee helps us find an answer to the question, 'Am I the right person, in the right place, for a right reason, at the right time?''

'What You Do Best has changed the way I lead and speak because I now understand the way I'm wired to do so! If you're looking to put your passions into practice and experience a vibrant life, this book is a powerful tool.'

'What You Do Best has helped me embrace myself for who I am. This means continuing in my current work while also serving in the church as a pastor. I do not need to suppress one over the other.'

'What You Do Best is a fantastic read that helps you recognize your spiritual gifts and how important they are in our world. Bruce's writing is encouraging and comes to life as you read.'

'What You Do Best should be in the personal library of every student, minister, and Christian in the marketplace. It's for anyone who is thirsty for a solid, biblically understandable foundation for their personal growth and life purpose.'

'What you read in this book, Bruce Bugbee taught me as a young Christian many years ago. If you desire an impactful ministry, I urge you to read this book.'

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