Against Liberal Theology

Putting the Brakes on Progressive Christianity

by Roger E. Olson

On Sale: 2022-06-07

Book Summary

In Against Liberal Theology, professor and theologian Roger E. Olson warns progressive and mainline Christians against passively accepting liberal theology without thinking through the consequences--namely, that liberal Christianity may not be orthodox Christianity but a different religion altogether.

About the Book

Liberal Christian theology is a big topic in today's churches and seminaries. But what does liberal theology really mean and why is it so controversial? What does it actually believe about truth, Scripture, and Jesus Christ? And where does it lead?

The term "liberal theology" is often misinterpreted, confused with a set of loose ideologies within the Christian faith and sometimes rallied behind by genuine Christians who are simply concerned about modern social justice issues. It's also been wrongly leveled against churches and even entire denominations that don't adhere to the tradition of liberal theology.

Against Liberal Theology, is written in a direct and conversational tone that makes sense of this theological movement by:

  • Defining liberal theology and explaining its beliefs about central Christian doctrines.
  • Giving its history and progression—beginning with 18th century German theologian Friedrich Schleiermacher and leading up to today.
  • Making distinctions between liberal theology and simple moderate or progressive Christian thought, much of which is still biblically committed and doctrinally orthodox.
  • Discussing the arguments of specific liberal theologians and what their words mean in regard to everyday Christian living and faith.

Sincere and to the point, professor and theologian Roger E. Olson is not interested in grinding axes. He openly admits to frustration with fundamentalist Christianity and explains why. But he warns that true liberal theology—more concerned with making Christianity palatable to the modern mind than it is committed to biblical integrity—isn't the right alternative to the cultic tendencies of fundamentalism and has little in common with classical, biblical Christianity.

Against Liberal Theology is perfect for Christians on any side of a cultural debate—for those who consider themselves progressive or conservative or something in between.

It's always unpopular to be against anything. But in order for Christianity to be anything, it has to stand against some things. If Christianity is compatible with anything and everything, it is nothing.


'Roger Olson shows us the absolute theological vacuity of American liberal Christianity. He demonstrates that liberalism's God is a mirror of themselves, their Jesus is not worthy of worship nor a savior of any sort, and the Holy Spirit is merely a symbol for their own musings. Olson's verdict is damning but indubitable: liberal Christianity has little to do with classic or historical Christianity.'

'Roger Olson's Against Liberal Theology is a courageous and calm definition, examination, and evaluation of the collapse of authentic, orthodox Christian theology in the minds, hearts, and hands of one liberal (not progressive) theologian after another. In their own words, Olson often shines a bright, piercing light on their own criticisms. This is a vintage example of Olson being Olson: he knows the literature, he is candid, he is fair, and he is unstinting in criticism of the pitfalls of liberal theologians. And he examines only those who overtly espouse 'liberal' in their theology. Those most attracted into progressivism and then into liberalism will benefit from a humble reading of this book.'

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