The Faithful Apologist

Rethinking the Role of Persuasion in Apologetics

by K. Scott Oliphint, Van Tracy

On Sale: 2022-02-22

Book Summary

There's a difference between telling the truth and persuasively telling the truth. In The Faithful Apologist, author Scott Oliphint relies on Scripture to demonstrate how believers can attractively engage non-Christians with the gospel.

About the Book

Rediscover the art of Christian persuasion in an age of increasing unreason.

For many Christians who've tried their hands at evangelism or have had to defend their faith, it can feel like doing PR work for God—limiting ourselves to a series of strategies and tactics. In The Faithful Apologist, Scott Oliphint provides a cross-centered foundation for Christians to explain their faith in a welcoming and persuasive manner that avoids any burden to "sell" Christianity to non-Christians.

Drawing as much from the rich tradition of Western apologetics as from the wisdom of effective communication, this book bridges the gap between sharing the truth of our faith and the art of persuasion by:

  • Laying out the biblical and theological foundations of apologetics.
  • Studying the art of persuasion as it’s demonstrated in Scripture.
  • Linking the discipline of apologetics to the classical art of persuasion.

As devoted to people as he is to the intellect, Reformed theologian Dr. Scott Oliphint has written this faithful book to explain the importance of both devotions in apologetics and in Christian correspondence with the world. He shows that, when our faith is grounded in the Triune God and his sovereignty, our attempts to defend it will grow more confident and convincing.

Accessible and thoroughly rooted in Scripture, The Faithful Apologist takes the anxiety out of apologetics by revealing that success is not measured in the number of minds we change, but in our faithfulness to God, the Divine Persuader.

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