Uncharted Leadership

20 Case Studies to Help Ministry Leaders Adapt to Uncertainty

by Angie Ward, Tod Bolsinger

On Sale: 2023-08-01

Book Summary

Uncharted Leadership applies the case study method to ministry leadership. Through a series of relevant, real-life case studies in ministry leadership, Angie Ward brings the classroom to the reader, using thought-provoking questions, commentary, and recommended resources to expand the leader’s empathy, understanding, awareness, and skill.

About the Book

Ministry is complicated, and every leadership challenge is unique. How can you lead effectively when there isn't a clear path forward?

Real life ministry is complicated--far more complicated than is typically captured in leadership books. There are moving parts and people who require adept, agile, adaptive leadership. Unlike technical challenges with a clear or known solution, adaptive challenges are complex and dynamic, requiring creative leaderships. Adaptive leadership is art, not science. It is an exercise in wisdom, not just knowledge. It requires leaders to ascertain the issues, values, and stakes unique to a given situation, to consider the potential courses of action, and decide which courses are best.

The case study method is a proven and effective tool to help leaders chart their course by learning from complex, real-life situations. Leaders learn to integrate multiple leadership strategies and concepts by reading and reflecting on multiple case studies, helping them clarify their own unique context, values, challenges, opportunities, and potential actions. Like real ministry, case studies are complex. There is not always an easy solution, or even a fast understanding of the real problem(s). The case studies in Uncharted Leadership promote learning at the deepest level: helping leaders move beyond simple answers to deep individual and organizational understanding and transformation.

Uncharted Leadership applies the case study method to ministry leadership. Through a series of relevant, real-life case studies in ministry leadership, Angie Ward brings the classroom to the reader, using thought-provoking questions, commentary, and recommended resources to expand the leader's empathy, understanding, awareness, and skill.


'Angie Ward has made a significant contribution to leadership studies. Looking back on twenty years of teaching leadership at a seminary, I wish I had such a resource to prepare my students for the realities of ministry. Uncharted Leadership also would have been a great help for my years as a pastoral leader. To survive and succeed, especially in these times, leaders need the guidance of these case studies. The questions and commentary invite the reader to engage and wrestle with each one. There is so much wisdom in the core themes Ward identifies in the conclusion. This is a necessary read for anyone courageous enough to step into ministry and determined to create and sustain a healthy environment.'

'Angie Ward has provided a stunning reference book for ministry leaders in Uncharted Leadership. She provides detailed case studies for any situation a ministry leader might encounter. She also provides helpful questions, commentary, updates that change your point of view, and resources for that particular issue. Leadership can be isolating and is becoming more difficult in rapidly changing times, but Angie is once again a trusted voice of wisdom, providing a rich resource to help us navigate.'

'As Angie points out early in this book, classrooms cannot fully prepare us for the joys, pitfalls, and challenges of leadership. At some point, we all find ourselves wishing we could have 'known then what we know now.' This important book will fast-forward your leadership perspective by placing in your hands the invaluable gift of others' experiences. Each page provides timely insights and ground-level applications every leader needs to move forward with confidence and clarity.'

'Dr. Angie Ward's new book, Uncharted Leadership, takes a unique approach to leadership in the church. Rather than the usual 'look how I lead' or 'here's some great leadership advice' perspectives, Dr. Ward presents true-to-life examples of leadership crises in church settings and then lets the reader wrestle with the implications. It is an engaging and thought-provoking approach, similar to a pilot spending time in a flight simulator. I highly recommend Uncharted Leadership for people just entering ministry and for seasoned ministry professionals looking to grow in their leadership.'

'Every pastor, elder, deacon, and ministry leader needs to read Uncharted Leadership. Angie Ward takes the reader on a journey through twenty real-life, messy church scenarios and then a series of crucial questions that help teams make biblical, God-honoring decisions to help the church flourish instead of self-destruct. This book comes at the perfect time after years of complexity and chaos. Think you are good at asking critical questions? Uncharted Leadership will take you to the next level. It helped our entire pastoral team become better critical thinkers and question askers.'

'This is an immensely practical book on adaptive leadership. Dr. Ward brilliantly weaves real-life, thought-provoking case studies together with compelling questions that guide readers to clarify their own values for addressing adaptive leadership challenges. For newer and seasoned leaders alike, Uncharted Leadership is an excellent resource for honing one's adaptive-leadership skills.'

'Through the years, Angie Ward has been an inquisitive, thoughtful, and insightful writer, providing leaders with proven, practical understanding. In Uncharted Leadership, Angie again delivers with case studies from which entire teams will benefit through chapter-by-chapter review and topical discussion. Pastors who wish to lead churches out of stagnation or the management of decline need to leave behind twentieth-century metrics and position themselves today with tomorrow in mind. If that's your need or desire, this book can help.'

'Uncharted Leadership is a valuable tool to help potential leaders navigate the challenges that often come with leading. This book gives us a front-row seat to learn from others through twenty invaluable case studies that will help anyone seeking to be a successful and impactful leader go farther, faster.'

'Uncharted Leadership is an incredible developmental tool for expanding your ability to adapt and lead through tumultuous times. Dr. Angie Ward is a leadership and ministry expert who uses real-life case studies to draw insightful conclusions and stretch our thinking. Whether you use this book on your own or (even better!) with your team, you will walk away a stronger and more effective leader.'

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