Before We Gather

Devotions for Worship Leaders and Teams

by Zac M. Hicks, CityAlight

On Sale: 2023-08-15

Book Summary

Before We Gather is a devotional guide to focused scriptural reflection and prayer, written for worship leaders, teams, and volunteers to set the stage for a dynamic, Spirit-filled worship experience.

About the Book

A 52-week devotional for ministry leaders and worship teams to prepare their hearts and minds for the service and make the worship experience of their church more meaningful.

Anyone involved in organized worship has probably seen what worship can be, and they've wondered: How can we tap into that transformative spirit more often? How can we overcome the problems of urgency, fatigue, and the temptation to just go through the motions? How can we gather before God, consistently ready to receive his presence?

In Before We Gather, Zac Hicks—author of the best-selling book The Worship Pastor—provides a unique, year-long devotional that focuses the attention of worship teams and individuals on God. This book offers biblical reflection in a simple, engaging style, helping worship teams set the tone of a gathering by developing a rich theology of worship through the practice of prayer.

Full of field-tested devotionals specifically designed for pre-service prayer times, each entry has a simple, three-part format: read a passage, reflect on it, and then spend time in focused prayer that will propel worshipers into the service.

The 52 entries can be used once a week over the course of an entire year and are also indexed according to themes, individual Scripture verses, and the church calendar, allowing you to adapt and use this resource in the way that best fits your context.


'A scripturally grounded, pastorally sensitive, and theologically astute resource for those who serve the worshiping church--all characteristics we've come to expect from Zac's work. The Worship Pastor helped us understand anew the pastoral dimensions of the office of worship leader. From this devotional reservoir, leaders are empowered to form others to lead Christ's church with godly wisdom and Spirit-led imagination. While there is no shortage of books supporting spiritual formation, this one uniquely is written to worship pastors, who, alongside their teams, will glean from it for years to come.'

'If all of worship is fundamentally our liturgical amen to the worship of Christ Jesus, then it stands to reason that our most important task is to attune ourselves to his voice, his words, his worship. This is what Zac Hicks invites readers to do in this theologically rich, biblically alert, pastorally sensitive, and immensely practical book. I hope worship teams everywhere take advantage of it to become what they hope to invite others to be: a people of prayer ravished by the beauty of God's presence and transfixed by the glory of his triune name.'

'In today's culture, local gatherings prioritize presentation perfection. From Solomon's Temple up until today, so much has changed with the advancement of creativity and technology. It is easy to focus on presentations. Zac has created a tool to remind us, after all of our preparation, programming, and rehearsals, of our 'why.' The gospel, encountering Jesus, digging for his presence, and so much more are at the core of this book filled with biblical and theological truths. Before We Gather is the ultimate tool for your teams to sync up with before they gather together.'

'This collection of devotions will help prepare the hearts and minds of all involved in leading corporate worship. Drawing from the historic practice of preparation and his devotion to discipleship, Zac Hicks has created a resource that I am sure will benefit many congregations.'

'This grit-tested devotional tool reflects the virtues of its author. Hicks is an extraordinary blend of intellectual mind and pastoral heart. It is exciting to anticipate how God, for years to come, will use these devotions to provide purposefulness and expectancy in our gathered worship communities. Undoubtedly, they will help worship pastors, leaders, and teams embrace their roles with anointing and effectiveness.'

'Worship pastors call Sunday morning 'the 52 Monster'--the hungry beast devouring our hard work and preparation every Sunday of the year. How can we remain faithful and fruitful in such an unrelenting context? Zac Hicks brilliantly structures Before We Gather as fifty-two pointers to the person and work of the Lord Jesus, fifty-two snacks to get us through to the final feast. It's what I need, and probably what you need as well. Take up and read!'

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