Set Adrift

Deconstructing What You Believe Without Sinking Your Faith

by Sean McDowell, John Marriott

On Sale: 2023-08-29

Book Summary

Set Adrift is a practical guide to prepare Christians for today's cultural challenges to Christianity by walking them through a guided process of deconstructing their faith, with the goal of leading them to a deeper walk with Jesus, one that is both authentic and historically Christian.

About the Book

How to analyze and reevaluate your Christian beliefs and experiences in the church while keeping the core of your faith intact.

The number of Christians leaving the church today is significant. Many feel there is no place for them within the faith—they no longer feel at home in their church community or tradition. For various reasons, they are unsettled by the version of Christianity they've inherited.

Stripping away the nonessential aspects of Christianity, Sean McDowell and John Marriott will help you navigate the jarring questions and cultural challenges that lead many to walk away from the faith. You'll come to recognize that there are other ways Christians throughout history have understood what faithfulness to Jesus looks like.

Each chapter provides practical advice on how to disassemble, rethink, and reassemble beliefs that are truly Christian and culturally and personally relevant. You'll learn how you can continue to seek an authentic faith by:

  • Establishing Jesus and his teachings as the foundation.
  • Utilizing the creeds as boundary markers of what is essential.
  • Seeing the entire Bible as a truthful revelation from God.
  • Seeing Christianity as a historic and global tradition that encompasses diverse communities and viewpoints.


The authors of this book can personally identify with the process of disillusionment that many young believers go through. They wrote Set Adrift as people who had to navigate their own way back through the fog of deconstruction. They wrote it to offer their own personal suggestions for what to do when you're not sure what to believe anymore.


'Here's a wise and helpful guide which demonstrates that deconstructing faith doesn't have to mean destruction of faith. Sean and John offer insights and practical experience that can help you follow Jesus more faithfully. This much-needed resource will help countless Christians pursue Christ. I'll be recommending this book for years to come!'

'If you or someone you know is questioning what they believe and why they believe it, Set Adrift is a must-read. This book insightfully outlines how a Christian struggling with doubt can properly deconstruct what they believe to experience an even stronger faith, while also exposing some of the most popular and dangerous worldviews attracting so many away from the Christian faith.'

'In the post-Christian West, most young Christians are going to, at some point, venture down a path of doubt and deconstruction. We can either throw up our hands in lament and resignation, or we can come alongside and equip them with tools of wisdom for their journey. Set Adrift takes the latter approach. Sean McDowell and John Marriott don't condescend to the reader who is in the process of deconstruction. They instead converse with them, offering understanding and empathy but also appropriate pushback, crucial considerations, and common pitfalls to avoid. I'd recommend this book to every Christian high school graduate. It may not stop some readers from questioning their faith, but I expect it will help many avoid losing it entirely.'

'Set Adrift is the first book I would give to someone working through deconstructing their faith (or someone trying to help others who are deconstruction). John Marriott and Sean McDowell don't respond to the deconstruction phenomenon with alarmism or defensiveness. They invite questions and doubts and encourage a relentless search for truth. But they identify the guardrails and guides we need so that deconstruction ultimately results in a more authentic faith, rather than heresy or deconversion. Set Adrift is faithful to the Bible and historic Christian orthodoxy, balanced and reasonable in treating contested Christian doctrines, culturally insightful, and fair-minded to thoughtful objections. It is also not difficult to read and focuses on the most pressing interests readers are likely to bring to the table. If I could, I would give a copy of this book to every person engaged in the deconstruction conversation happening in the church today.'

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