Living Out the Eight Principles of Disciple Making

by Brandon Guindon, Bobby Harrington

On Sale: 2023-09-12

Book Summary

Intentional introduces you to the eight principles of disciple making and shows you how to apply them to everyday life. Drawing from decades of experience making disciples and training others in disciple making, pastor Guidon equips readers to practice what they learn through interactive discussion and reflection questions and practical exercises.

About the Book

"Go and Make Disciples" will become more than a church slogan as the power of Jesus's command transforms our lives.

Jesus Christ intentionally discipled twelve people every day for three and a half years and then commanded us to go and make disciples as well. And he empowered us by sending us the indwelling Holy Spirit to guide us. The early church thrived and expanded by imitating the intentional relational methods Jesus modeled, yet somewhere along the way we lost sight of the simple truth that Jesus' methods of disciple making are as holy as his message.

Today, churches and their leaders relentlessly pursue innovation of the next new idea that will somehow capture the attention of the spiritually lost, yet very few Christians know how to walk out a day-to-day lifestyle of intentional disciple making. Rather than looking for something new, Intentional equips you to imitate the methodology Jesus modeled for us.

Drawing from decades of experience making disciples, pastor Brandon Guindon equips you by introducing the eight principles of disciple making and practically showing you how to apply them in everyday life. Personal stories of success and failure in discipling relationships illustrate how we must be personally committed to consistently living out the values that Jesus modeled. Brandon also examines the obstacles in our lives that prevent us from imitating the ancient ways of Christ, sharing practical steps for approaching relationships differently and viewing the world through a Kingdom oriented lens.


'Brandon Guindon has knocked it out of the park with this great book! Making disciples in today's world is not easy, and Brandon puts it all into perspective by sharing how to apply the eight practices of disciple making. We have a disciplined road map with Intentional. But ultimately, discipleship takes people who are trained and have the heart and desire to win people for Christ. So let's go make disciples as Jesus commands in Matthew 28:19-20 and how Brandon describes in this great book.'

'Brandon knows how to tell a story and speak to others in a way that just keeps you reading or listening. The reason the stories are so good is that they are based on something much more profound, the reality of Brandon's life and work on those around him. This is practical, yes, but it is more powerful than anything else. Intentional is a special testimony of God's work through a pastor and of his family.'

'I am grateful for how Brandon passionately explores disciple making in his book Intentional. Obviously, we need a return to disciple making in this generation. As you work through each page of inspiring story and practical guidance, you be refreshed by God's calling for the church to make disciples and see church multiplication accelerate through your ministry.'

'I have known Brandon Guindon for twenty years and paid witness to the lived-out principles that he puts forward. Brandon holds up a mirror to help show us who Jesus intends us to be. Take the Intentional journey, and you will be better for it. This book will challenge and encourage you, and in the cooperation with the Holy Spirit you will be changed by it.'

'Intentional is an extraordinary book that powerfully captures how to do the work of disciple making. Author Brandon Guindon does not give us a book of theory but a personal example of a multiplier and how he intentionally lives that out. In an era where church leaders are looking for resources to guide them in how to return to disciple making, Intentional should be at the top of your list!'

'Intentional is the only book on discipleship that I am aware of that not only gives you biblically founded principles but also has the personal stories and illustrations to help the reader get a picture of what discipleship really looks like. The book makes a case for being an intentional disciple maker and what that looks like on a day-to-day basis. This explanation includes personal stories from other disciple makers as well as penetrating self-assessment. This book is what I needed to read to help me in growing as a disciple who helps make disciples!'

'Intentional simplifies the often-overwhelming subject of discipleship. Brandon Guindon artfully leads you through the practical process of unleashing your inner disciple maker! In reading Intentional, you'll discover that making disciples is more natural than you think. This is an enjoyable read and a must-have for every Christian. Frankly, the principles in this book apply to training leaders in business and any other arena that benefits from mentoring as well.'

'Practical is the word I would use to describe Brandon Guindon's book Intentional. In a sea of books that offer theory, Guindon provides practical help with everyday discipleship, using snapshots from his own life and experience. It's a great guide for anyone looking for help with a hands-on approach. I highly recommend it!'

'This book, Intentional, is based on God's Word, and God always asks us to do things that work for real, regular people. Your life will become more intentional if you read and implement the practices in this book. Brandon Guindon is a disciple-making practitioner, not a theorist. Brandon and his wife, Amber, have personally discipled people for many years now. Brandon knows, without having to think about it, how to be intentional. Brandon began his ministry career on staff at Real Life Ministries, and his intentionality helped to increase our number of small groups exponentially. He helped develop training that has spanned the globe. He went on to plant a discipleship-based church that has grown and thrived. He raises up people from within to disciple others, to serve on staff, and to plant churches nationally and internationally. If you want to become more intentional in your life, this book should be your next read.'

Brandon Guindon shows us the practical elements of disciple making. For higher education to thrive today, we must help students equip local everyday disciples to trust and follow Jesus. I recommend his book Intentional to help us do this better.

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