Follow the Healer

Biblical and Theological Foundations for Healing Ministry

by Stephen Seamands, J.D. Walt

On Sale: 2023-09-05

Book Summary

In Follow the Healer, Stephen Seamands draws upon four decades of teaching theology and active involvement in healing ministry to help us grasp the 'why-to' of healing that comes before the 'how-to.' He lays out the essential theological foundations for healing ministry in a way that is simple and accessible.

About the Book

There is a simple, yet transformative, truth that fundamentally changes the way we think about and approach the ministry of praying for others to be healed. It's the simple truth that Jesus heals-- the healing ministry to which we are called is not primarily our ministry, but Christ's. What we are called to do is to participate in his ongoing healing ministry. And as his ministry continues today through his body, the Church, he invites us to join him.

In Follow the Healer, Stephen Seamands draws upon four decades of teaching theology and active involvement in healing ministry to help us grasp the "why-to" of healing that comes before the "how-to." He lays out the essential theological foundations for healing ministry in a way that is simple and accessible. This holistic, Wesleyan approach to healing will help traditional evangelicals more readily embrace healing ministry and lead Pentecostals and charismatics already engaged in this ministry move toward a more wholistic and discerning approach to healing.


'Follow the Healer answers the questions you've been wondering about healing and healing ministry. Is it biblical, practical, and experiential and comes from Dr. Steve Seamands's thirty years of involvement in healing prayer ministry with wounded and broken people. This book provides a Christocentric manual for this vital priority of the Christian faith and is a must read for anyone desiring to understand and implement healing ministry from a biblical, balanced, and holistic approach. Seamands addresses our critical questions about healing and healing ministry from the perspective of a practitioner, pastor, and theologian. Follow the Healer is one of the best books I've read to both better understand the priority of healing in Jesus's ministry and our responsibility to live into this priority today.'

'Follow the Healer is a compelling and accessible exploration of the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. Christ healed those who were broken in body and soul and still heals today! It is the love and compassion of God then and now that moves his heart to heal. God longs to restore his image in a fractured humanity. This is the message of his kingdom. Dr. Seamands expounds on the various ways in which God still heals today that are both supernatural and natural. Christ invites the church to participate in his healing ministry through the power and authority of the Holy Spirit. Though he presents the case of healing in a clear, concise, and convincing way, Seamands recognizes the complexity and even mystery of healing. Why and how are some healed and others not? The author is not afraid to face the dilemma and offers honest and careful guidance and assurance for those grappling with this mystery. Overall, Follow the Healer is a balanced, approachable, compassionate, and scriptural call to better understand and minister God's healing to a hurting world that desperately needs it.'

'I highly recommend Stephen Seamands, Follow the Healer: Biblical and Theological Foundations for Healing Ministry. It is not only solid biblically and theologically, but it also offers wisdom pastorally. I enjoyed reading it and was encouraged by its wisdom and insight.'

'It's unfortunate that most books on divine healing gravitate to one extreme or the other. Some argue that believers are entitled to complete healing in the present age, while others are so skeptical of claims to healing that they virtually deny that any occur. This excellent and insightful book by Stephen Seamands is a much-needed corrective to both extremes. It is thoroughly biblical, pastorally sensitive, and does an excellent job of tethering the healing ministry of Jesus to the kingdom of God and the already/not yet of life in the present age. Seamands provides us with no easy, simplistic answers and does not avoid the mystery of why so many for whom we pray are not healed. And he does this in a way that fills the reader with expectancy each time hands are laid on the sick and prayer for their healing is taken to the throne of grace. If you're still looking for a book on healing, stop. Get this one. You won't be disappointed.'

'Jesus is the Healer, follow him! Dr. Seamands writes a very accessible and helpful book on healing ministry. I appreciated his sound biblical approach to the topic and his stories. I was deeply touched by the love and humility that comes through the book and his chapters on suffering and mystery. I plan to use his book in my healing classes in the future.'

'Knowing Steven Seamands and having read his previous books, I knew Follow the Healer would be biblically grounded, theologically sound, and completely balanced. What I did not anticipate was the degree to which I would be personally impacted by the Holy Spirit. I felt the presence of the living Christ as I read, and I was repeatedly enveloped in the compassionate love of the Father. I experienced an episodic awakening, not simply to the ministry of healing, as important as that may be, but to the movement of the kingdom of God. Read this book and you will find your faith in Christ ignited and sense a holy invitation to follow Jesus in his healing ministry of restoring broken people, all to the glory of God.'

'When Steve Seamands talks about healing, he is speaking from decades of Spirit-led reflection, academic rigor, hands-on practice, and convincing proof that Jesus is still in the healing business. That's why I knew, as soon as I opened to the table of contents, that this book would benefit not only me but my whole congregation. I want everyone to use this book to build a vital healing ministry rooted in the love of God. What a gift to the body of Christ.'

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