Into the Heart of Romans

A Deep Dive into Paul's Greatest Letter

by N. T. Wright

On Sale: 2023-10-17

Book Summary

The world's most influential commentator on Paul delves deeply into the letter to the Romans and draws out its vital, enduring and Spirit-filled importance for Christians today.

About the Book

An in-depth study of Romans from today's foremost interpreter of Paul.

Romans is often and for good reason considered a crux of Christian thought and theology, the greatest of Paul's letters. And within Romans, chapter 8 is one of the most spectacular pieces of early Christian writing.

But to many readers, Romans can be a deceptively difficult book. Its scope and basic meaning may be clear, but it can be hard to see how it all fits together into a cohesive, if complex, doctrinal argument.

N. T. Wright—widely regarded as the most influential commentator and interpreter of Paul—deftly unpacks this dense and sometimes elusive letter, detailing Paul's arguments and showing how it illuminates the Gospel from the promises to Abraham through the visions of Revelation. Wright takes a deep dive into Romans 8, showing how it illuminates so much else that God reveals in Scripture: God the Father, Christology, and the Spirit; Jesus' Messiahship, cross, resurrection, and ascension; salvation, redemption, and adoption; suffering and glory; holiness and hope.

Into the Heart of Romans will help you become familiar with the book of Romans in a deeper way that will also deepen your understanding and appreciation of the Gospel itself.


'Having spent his life studying and living the writings of Paul, N. T. Wright offers Into the Heart of Romans with his hallmark exultant themes and dense yet conversational prose. With this fresh foray, he teaches readers not only how to understand this chapter but how to read Paul. Excellent for personal study, group discussion, or congregational preaching, he allows those who might feel nervous around such a vital theological chapter to gain their bearings. This book offers not just a detailed map but a personal guide through the intricate pathways of Paul's proclamation. I was led to gratitude for the clarity I gained, wonder at the brilliance of Paul, and praise for the grace of God in the victory of Jesus Christ.'

'In his engaging, inimitable style, Tom Wright leads us into a profound encounter with one of the most profound chapters of Scripture. Challenging typical interpretations and offering new ones, he helps us see Romans 8 as a call for the church to enter the world's polyvalent pain in sync with the triune God. A much-needed challenge.'

'In Into the Heart of Romans, Tom Wright provides a master class in close reading of Scripture. In his fine-grained exposition, Romans 8 becomes a lens through which we can more clearly perceive the larger biblical story of God's design to overcome the power of death and redeem the broken world in and through a transformed people of God; conversely, Wright also shows how that larger story illuminates the logic of Paul's various affirmations within Romans 8. For those who assume that Romans is all about how individuals can have their sins forgiven and go to heaven, this book will come as a shock--and as a stimulus to a richer understanding of the gospel that Paul proclaimed.'

'Like a falcon in a dive, Tom Wright takes readers on a majestic and soaring flight through Romans 8, the heart of Paul's letter to the Roman house churches. There's so much to see on atonement, spirit versus flesh, adoption, love, and hope, and Tom does not disappoint with his amazing mix of explanatory insights and easy readability. For many readers, reading this book will be the first time Romans actually makes sense to them.'

'N. T. Wright has long made it clear that Romans 8 is a text that is dear to his own heart and understanding of Paul. In this book, we encounter Wright as pastor, professor, and scholar. He teaches us how to read a text (as professor), what he discovers in the text (as scholar), and why Paul's message in one of his most significant passages still matters for the church today (as pastor). It was also refreshing to witness Wright model the ability to grow as an exegete revising one's opinion when better readings present themselves. This book is an exemplar of a pastorally and exegetically rich analysis of a dense but rewarding section of Paul's most famous letter.'

'Romans is a mystery. Wright leads us on an exciting journey beyond the veil, into its inner sanctum. Discover how humans are being renewed in glory, creation refreshed, and God honored. As we gaze upon Jesus, our King and High Priest, we discover our true mission and human purposes.'

'The greatest biblical theologian of our day offers his mature reflections on arguably the greatest chapter that the apostle Paul ever wrote--what more could we possibly ask for? This book is characteristically brilliant, its vision for the Christian life thoroughly compelling. Yet what sets Into the Heart of Romans apart is the care Wright takes, at every turn in his exposition of Paul's argument, to invite readers into the interpretive process. His is truly a summons to a better 'Romans Road' than the parody of Paul with which many of us will be familiar. Read and be transformed!'

'The so-called 'Father of Pietism,' Philipp Jakob Spener, is often credited for suggesting that if the Bible were a ring and Romans its precious stone, then Romans 8 would be the sparkling point of the jewel. This statement is on clear and brilliant display in this volume as Tom Wright treats Romans 8 with painstaking care and uncommon insight. In Into the Heart of Romans, you have a premier Pauline interpreter probing and plumbing the depths of one of the most meaningful and memorable passages the apostle ever composed. 'What shall we say then to these things?''

'This work is Paul's greatest living interpreter on the greatest chapter of Paul's greatest letter. Here Wright deftly elucidates Paul's grand biblical vision--creation, election, exile, new exodus, and new creation--all reworked around the Messiah and the Spirit. Paul's children (interpreters) are hereby liberated from venerable false antitheses and downright misunderstandings into the glory of the macro-theological vision of earliest Christianity's profoundest theologian.'

'Tom Wright models the Christian principle: 'there's always more to learn from the Bible.' Wright has written extensively on Romans, but now offers fresh insight by focusing on chapter 8, a central text bringing together key themes like new covenant, new creation, the love of God, and restored humanity. At first, you'll think you were studying Romans 8, but you'll end up better understanding the whole Bible. This is vintage Wright and will undoubtedly generate robust conversation about the heart of Romans.'

'Tom Wright's new book Into the Heart of Romans is an exemplary display of scholarly rigor and Christian passion. Tom opens Romans 8 in a way that's both exhilarating and challenging. He shows us that Romans 8 is not a summary of how individuals get to heaven but is a stunning story of how the Father reconciles all creation to himself through the resurrection of His Son and by the power of His Spirit. Both the scholar and lay reader will find this book hard to put down.'

'Very few biblical scholars have the ability to distill the complex thought of Paul to any level of discourse so that all of us, including the novice, can begin to grasp the height and depth of Paul's rhetoric. But Tom Wright is that rare scholar who can do so, and in this little book that focuses on perhaps Paul's most moving and eloquent argument found in Romans 8, Tom is able to shed not merely fresh light but surprising light on this chapter. He argues that Paul is referring to the renewal of creation that will transpire at the same time the dead in Christ are raised, and that the believers will play a role when Christ returns in the restoration of all things--not somewhere out there in heaven, but right here on earth. In other words, God the environmentalist is not interested in letting his whole creation go to blazes (literally) in exchange for having some scrawny souls in heaven. No, God the creator wants it all renewed, restored, so there will be a new earth as well as a new heaven. The final destiny of faithful earthlings is not heaven but--wait for it--earth. This is must reading for all those who would know more about Paul's vision of the human future.'

'Vintage Tom Wright! Readers are enabled by Wright's careful guidance to glimpse both a compelling bird's-eye view of Romans 8 and to follow him in a deep dive that illumines the entire story of creation and salvation, highlighting key themes such as justification, glorification, fruitful suffering, and Christology. Especially helpful is Wright's newfound concentration on humanity as 'image-bearers' (in continuity with the ancient fathers) and 'temple-people' (in continuity with St. Paul himself!). Wright sings in harmony with St. Irenaeus, who also learned from the apostle Paul that 'the glory of God is man fully alive.''

'Within the field of Pauline scholarship, one would be hard-pressed to name an interpreter more insightful, biblically integrative, or significant than Tom Wright. At the same time, he is also among the most prolific--a sometimes daunting reality for those unfamiliar with Wright and just don't know where to start. But now with this newest book, it's like having Wright as your own driver-guide, leading us through the heart of Paul's thought one manageable block at a time.'

'Written in a similar tone as his For Everyone series, N. T. Wright's Into the Heart of Romans provides a commentary on Romans 8 that can function both as a hermeneutical primer and as an introduction to Paul's theology. From the vantage point of Romans 8, Wright invites readers to see that Paul's letter to the Romans is like a complex city, with intricate networks of districts and streets, being much more elaborate than a short commute down 'Romans Road' can convey.'

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