Book Summary

Know the Theologians by Jennifer Powell McNutt and David W. McNutt profiles some of the most important thinkers throughout church history, from the first centuries to the twentieth, introducing readers to their life and thought--and demonstrating their ongoing relevance for believers today.

About the Book

Know the Theologians is an introduction to the most important thinkers throughout church history and a demonstration of their ongoing relevance for believers today.

The Bible describes the church as a kind of family. Those who believe in Christ are sisters and brothers in the faith, whether they live at the same time or are separated by centuries. For that reason, believers today need to know our family members who have come before and shaped our beliefs and practices now. In Know the Theologians, professors and authors Jennifer Powell McNutt and David W. McNutt introduce the most significant thinkers in the church's history.

McNutt and McNutt survey over a dozen theologians, including key Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant figures, who represent the breadth and depth of the church's theology. The book explores how they fit into their own time period and demonstrates their ongoing relevance today. Each chapter draws attention to the theological voices of women throughout the church's history, and includes short sidebars on figures contemporary to the main theologians, bringing in additional important voices.

As part of the KNOW series, Know the Theologians is designed for either personal study or classroom use, and it will also be an accessible resource for small groups and adult education in churches.

Reflection questions and recommended reading for further study can be found in the audiobook companion PDF download.

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