Taxonomic Charts of Theology and Biblical Studies

by M. James Sawyer

On Sale: 1999-08-16

Book Summary

A visual breakdown is provided in this text of all major areas of theology and biblical studies, complete with glossary/index.

About the Book

Theology and biblical studies comprise a vast array of related topics, disciplines, and terms. But the ways in which the different areas of study fit together, and what they all mean, isn't usually clear to those of us who aren't theologians.

What falls under the category of biblical studies and what under theological studies? What are the different periods of historical theology? What's the difference between branches of eschatology?

From theological anthropology to soteriology, Taxonomic Charts of Theology and Biblical Studies lays it all out in easy-to-understand visual charts. It systematically provides:

  • A visual tracing of all major areas of theology and biblical studies.
  • A glossary/index that gives brief definitions for each.

By revealing the connection between such areas of study as archaeology, geography, and Old and New Testament studies, and then breaking each category down in orderly detail, Taxonomic Charts of Theology and Biblical Studies gives the student of the Bible a quick look-up resource for the relationship, importance, and use of various topics.

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