The Promise-Plan of God

A Biblical Theology of the Old and New Testaments

by Jr. Kaiser Walter C.

On Sale: 2008-04-20

Book Summary

Exploring the difficulty in determining the true nature, method, scope, and motivation for biblical theology, this book proposes the promise of God as the center of Old and New Testament theology and applies the solution to each of its eras.

About the Book

What is the central theme of the Bible?Given the diversity of authorship, genre, and context of the Bible’s various books, is it evenpossible to answer such a question? Or in trying to do so, is an external grid being unnaturallysuperimposed on the biblical text?These are difficult questions that the discipline of biblical theology has struggled to answer.In this thoroughly revised and expanded edition of his classic Toward an Old Testament Theology,Walter Kaiser offers a solution to these unresolved issues. He proposes that there is indeeda unifying center to the theology and message of the Bible that is indicated and affirmed byScripture itself. That center is the promise of God. It is one all-encompassing promise of lifethrough the Messiah that winds itself throughout salvation history in both the Old and NewTestaments, giving cohesiveness and unity to the various parts of Scripture.After laying out his proposal, Kaiser works chronologically through the books of both testaments,demonstrating how the promise is seen throughout, how the various sub-themesof each book relate to the promise, and how God’s plan to fulfill the promise progressivelyunfolds. Here is a rich and illuminating biblical theology that will stir the emotion and theintellect.

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