Jesus without Borders

What Planes, Trains, and Rickshaws Taught Me about Jesus

by Chad Gibbs

On Sale: 2015-03-31

Book Summary

In Jesus Without Borders, Chad Gibbs, a man who has spent his entire life in America’s Bible Belt, spends time with believers all around the world. And, with his trademark humor, Gibbs discovers his own cultural biases and gains a clearer picture of what following Christ really looks like.

About the Book

Chad Gibbs has lived his entire life in Alabama, the buckle of America’s Bible Belt, where Christianity is a person’s default setting. In Jesus Without Borders, Gibbs steps outside of his very comfortable existence, to learn what it’s like to be a Christian anywhere else in the world.

Over the course of many months, Chad and his Alabama worldview spent time with believers from Beijing to Rio de Janeiro, worshiping with them and observing not only how their faith influences their daily lives but also how their daily lives influence their faith, in hopes of learning which parts of his faith have been compromised by the American Dream.

Reflecting on conversations and experiences, Gibbs wrestles with a wide range of questions from his conservative Christian background, including politics and patriotism in the church and how living in Alabama has shaped his views on pacifism, alcohol, and Christ himself. An attempt to extract and examine the biases in the author’s own faith, Jesus Without Borders will have readers questioning if they believe certain things because they are a Christian, or because they are an American, as they meet believers from around the world with differing views on a variety of subjects.

Told with Gibbs’ trademark humor, Jesus Without Borders enlightens and entertains, introducing readers to believers around the world in hopes of eliminating prejudices and misconceptions, clearing away the parts of our culture that keep us from seeing a clearer picture of Christ, and living connected to the family of faith around the globe.


Enjoyable and eye-opening, Jesus Without Borders will take you on a journey you did not expect and change you for the better along the way.

Written as a travelogue replete with the amusing misadventures that are really humorous only in hindsight, Gibbs’ book is an inspiring tale of critical self-reflection.

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