Journeys of Faith

Evangelicalism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Catholicism, and Anglicanism

by Robert L. Plummer, Francis J. Beckwith, Christopher A. Castaldo, Lyle W. Dorsett, Craig A. Blaising, Gregg Allison, Brad S. Gregory, Robert A. Peterson, Wilbur Ellsworth, Scot McKnight

On Sale: 2012-03-06

Book Summary

Journeys of Faith tours the theological migrations taking place within the Christian tradition today. Converts to Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Evangelicalism and Anglicanism explain why they changed their religious affiliation, and responders defend their decision to remain true to the traditions in which they first came to faith.

About the Book

Research indicates that, on average, Americans change their religious affiliation at least once during their lives. Journeys of Faith examines the movement between four Christian traditions and what led believers to make a shift.

Four prominent converts to Eastern Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Evangelicalism and Anglicanism describe their new faith traditions and doctrines and their spiritual journeys into them. Response chapters offer respectful critiques.

Contributors include:

  • Wilbur Ellsworth (Eastern Orthodoxy), with a response by Craig Blaising
  • Francis J. Beckwith (Roman Catholicism), with Gregg Allison responding
  • Chris Castaldo (Evangelicalism) and Brad S. Gregory's Catholic response
  • Lyle W. Dorsett (Anglicanism), with a response by Robert A. Peterson.

This book provides you with a series of first-hand accounts of thoughtful Christians changing religious affiliation or remaining true to the traditions they have always known and their rationale for those decisions. Gain a wealth of insight into the attractions of each of the represented denominations and an understanding of the current faith migration within the church today.

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