The Passion Generation

The Seemingly Reckless, Definitely Disruptive, But Far From Hopeless Millennials

by Grant Skeldon, Ryan Casey Waller

On Sale: 2018-11-06

Book Summary

Millennials are the most studied but least engaged or understood generation in America. Written by millennial Grant Skeldon, The Passion Generation is your guide to connecting with the young adults in your life and equipping them to become a generation of Christ-following community changers.

About the Book

Millennials have disrupted almost every major industry. Whether you’re a parent trying to raise them, a pastor trying to reach them, or an employer trying to retain them, they’re disruptive. As the largest living generation, millennials are one of the most studied but misunderstood groups of our day. And the chasm between the generations is only getting wider.

Speaker and founder of the Initiative Network Grant Skeldon pulls back the confusing statistics about millennials to reveal the root issue: it’s not a millennial problem, it’s a discipleship problem. Millennials are known for their struggle to hold jobs, reluctance to live on their own, and alarming migration away from the church. And now our culture is feeling the results of a mentor-less, fatherless generation. But how do you start discipling young people when you struggle to connect with them?

Written by a millennial, The Passion Generation will guide you beyond the stats of what millennials are doing to the why they’re doing it and how we can all move toward healthy community. With wit, compassion, and startling insights, this book shares stories and studies drawn from Skeldon’s years of working to bridge generational gaps. In his signature conversational style, Skeldon offers researched strategies that will spark healthy connections, and practical methods that will help you disciple the millennials you love.

This book is your guide to understanding the millennials in your life who are seemingly reckless but far from hopeless, for the future of the church that depends on them.


'The Passion Generation will open your eyes and heart to the incredible gift of millennials--they're positioned and ready to grow the church, the gospel and the community of faith in ways you've never imagined. A timely, engaging, and thoughtful work.'

'Grant gives us a challenging but simple solution for discipling millennials. If you are interested in the future of the church, you need to read this book, and if you are interested in the 'right now' of the church, you need to read this book!'

'Grant has become one of the leading voices on behalf of his generation. His heart to be a bridge-builder plus his keen insight on millennials make this book a necessary resource for anyone trying to engage the next generation.'

'Grant has quite possibly written the most poignant book on discipleship in our time. He puts language to things I've always felt but have had trouble articulating. This book should be required reading for every Christ follower.'

'Grant pulls back the curtain on the hearts of America's largest and most cause-oriented generation. His insights give us the foresight to engage, learn from, and equip millennials to engage in the greatest cause of all--the glory and mission of Jesus.'

'Grant's wisdom and passion are far beyond his years and he is leading and guiding us all toward a healthier and fuller cross-generational understanding. This book is a resource and guidebook for so many of us, especially leaders in the church, as we seek to communicate the gospel well to each generation.'

'I am so excited about this book bleeding into the hearts and minds of influencers everywhere! Grant has put in the work to understand and reach his peers. He is well suited to speak into the biggest challenges that we face in leading millennials. I am so thankful for his work here.'

'Insightful and inspiring, engaging and enlightening, here's a much-needed peek into what animates the largely misunderstood millennial generation. Thanks, Grant, for helping us understand the heart of these passionate young people.'

'This is so much more than a book--it is a critical brick in bridging a generation gap, finally creating the possibility for not only more understanding but also more unity, and therefore a stronger global church. This is a must-read on harnessing the power, purpose, and potential of one of the most unique generations in history.'

'Whether you are a parent, an employer, or a church leader, it's critical to acknowledge the role millennials play in the future of the church. Grant Skeldon equips us not only to understand this generation but also to connect with them in deep and meaningful relationships.'

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