The Seven Longest Yards

Our Love Story of Pushing the Limits while Leaning on Each Other

by Chris Norton, Emily Norton, Mark Tabb, Tim Tebow

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Book Summary

The world watched as Chris Norton, a quadriplegic with a 3% chance of ever moving or feeling anything below his neck, took ten impossible steps. The Seven Longest Yards tells the unforgettable story of how he and his wife, Emily, battled unbelievable odds with faithful determination to discover that life's lowest moments can be our greatest gifts.

About the Book

He was told he'd never walk again. She was losing hope that she'd ever feel whole again. This is their miraculous true story of defying the impossible.

"In my very first impression of Chris, I was blown away by his determination to stay positive, do the work, and trust that God had a bigger story in mind . . . this book is a master class in the power of perseverance." -Tim Tebow

Quadriplegics simply do not walk again - yet millions watched as Chris Norton defied incredible odds and took step by impossible step across his graduation stage. With his fiancée Emily by his side, those unbelievable steps became the start of an extraordinary journey for them both. Told from both of their unique perspectives, this moving story invites you to find, as Chris and Emily have, that God can transform our lowest points into life's greatest gifts.

In a moment, Chris went from a talented college football player with a promising future to a quadriplegic with a 3 percent chance of ever moving or feeling anything below his neck, much less walking again. Determined to prove the doctors wrong, he pushed himself through grueling, daily workouts to achieve his goal four years later: walking the stage to receive his college diploma with Emily's help, and to the world's astonished applause.                  

Meanwhile, Emily faced her own challenges as she sunk into a deep battle against anxiety and depression, despite her life's outward blessings. Day by day, decision by decision, Chris and Emily committed themselves to taking the extra step, trusting God, and leaning on the help of others. In a story of courageous faith and grit, this extraordinary couple's journey ultimately led them to tackle the seven longest yards - down the wedding aisle and into a new life together.

And what a new life it is: Chris and Emily have adopted five beautiful girls and welcomed foster children - seventeen and counting! - into their home and hearts. Let this book be your inspiration for defying your own impossible, and finding joy on the other side.


If you are struggling in some way right now, do your best to keep in mind that although it might not seem so, better days are coming. No one knows this better than Chris and Emily Norton. Their story, told though The Seven Longest Yards, will remind you that the test always comes before the merit. The struggle always precedes the strength. You have to endure breakdowns to break through them. Take it one day at a time, and trust the journey. Just as Chris and Emily did.

Chris and Emily's story will inspire you and infuse your life with the courage to face the challenges of life.

In life, everything happens for a reason, and meeting Chris reassured me of that. His positive attitude and desire to make a difference in other people's lives are infectious. This book will not only inspire you but will make you take action to bring positivity into this world.

The Seven Longest Yards will have you laughing, crying, and feeling challenged to keep moving forward in life. You'll be ready to take on those things you thought you could never accomplish. Chris and Emily have given us a gift of encouragement and practical inspiration in the pages of this book. This is a must-read.

When I meet someone who can take steps after a serious fracture to their neck, I always say, 'You're a walking miracle!' That describes Chris Norton. This man refused to accept his doctor's prognosis and found the will to move forward despite adversity. If you like stories that inspire you to fight against the odds, The Seven Longest Yards should be your next read!

Our brains need stories of overcoming so we might know our own stories can be ones of overcoming too. Chris and Emily's book and hard-won lessons learned remind us that our most difficult challenges can also be our most powerful assignments in life.

This book takes you on a powerful, emotional journey. I simply love Chris and Emily and the way God is using their lives in incredible ways. This book will make your heart soar, your spirit rise, and your problems seem, well, momentary. Which is exactly what they are. Let Chris and Emily show you how God works hope into even the most trying of circumstances.

The old adage that life is 10 percent what happens to us and 90 percent how we react to it has more validity than most perceive. Chris and Emily have faced some of life's most jagged twists head-on and sculpted them into opportunities. Paralysis envelops a life and those around it with pain and suffering. The ability to recultivate that life and find a positive journey is something we all can learn from.

Without question, The Seven Longest Yards is one of the best books I've ever read on overcoming hardship and the unexpected in life. Seriously. I laughed. I cried. I fist-pumped a lot while reading this incredible and very encouraging book by Chris and Emily Norton.

Chris and Emily Norton embody the spirit of overcoming. They are living proof that we can become better as a consequence of whatever it is that we face!

Chris's determination is a true testament to the warrior mentality he portrays. He is a beacon of hope. His fight and will to never give up inspire so many.

Your greatest struggles can become your greatest strengths. This book will show you this truth and inspire you to live your best life.

Sometimes life will give you challenges you can't get away from. This book will encourage you to face any and all obstacles in your path by using the inner strength you possess. Chris exemplifies how you can overcome all life's adversities. Chris is an outstanding husband, father, and friend who truly inspires everyone he crosses paths with.

Unashamedly honest, confident, and humble, Chris and Emily show us how to find lasting hope amid unending challenges. Their story confirms that internal fortitude is developed through dedication and determination. Their tenacity is contagious. This is a must-read for anyone seeking to live a rewarding life that leaves a legacy for others to follow.

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