The 6 Needs of Every Child

Empowering Parents and Kids through the Science of Connection

by Amy Elizabeth Olrick, Jeffrey Olrick, Tom Parks, Cris Dukehart

On Sale: 2020-06-09

Book Summary

Your child doesn't need a perfect parent, but a present one. Amy and Jeffrey Olrick draw on experience, research, and Jeffrey's work as a child psychologist to help parents discover the power of relational connection. With compassion, faith, and humor, The 6 Needs of Every Child offers insight and tools that will sustain your child for a lifetime.

About the Book

Like most parents, Amy and Jeffrey Olrick left the hospital with their first child desperate to know, "What do we do?" But years of parenting three kids and Jeffrey's work as a child psychologist convinced them to ask a better question: "How shall I be with this new person?"

In a culture obsessed with parenting formulas, it's easy to miss the fact that science and lived experience have proven that human development and thriving are a matter of relationship. Drawing on decades of psychological research, neuroscience, and their own experience as parents and people of faith, the Olricks present six relational needs for human growth that will transform the way you think about your child--and yourself. Together, the needs form a trustworthy compass to guide you and your child to a path of purpose and relational wholeness.

For parents who feel pulled in a hundred directions, dizzied by the volume of clashing strategies, and jaded by the parenting programs that complicated their own childhoods, The 6 Needs of Every Child is a groundbreaking roadmap integrating the science of connection with practical tools. You'll be equipped with:

  • An in-depth look at the six essentials your child needs to thrive
  • Tools to use when you feel stuck
  • The secret to secure connection with your child
  • Self-assessment tools to discern your unique parenting style

More than a parenting guide, this audiobook is your invitation to break free from the myth of perfect parenting and embrace your child's long journey of growth. With insight, humor, and compassion, it calls parents to discover the power of being imperfectly present with their children, developing mental, emotional, and spiritual resilience that will sustain them for a lifetime.

Accompanying charts, assessment tools, and additional resources are available in the audiobook companion PDF download.


'The Olricks' method will aid Christian parents in diagnosing their parenting strengths and weaknesses.'

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