White Lies

Nine Ways to Expose and Resist the Racial Systems That Divide Us

by Daniel Hill

On Sale: 2020-09-01

Book Summary

White Christians are waking up to the pervasive bias for White culture that shapes every aspect of society. Many are eager to confront White supremacy--but what steps should be taken to make good, lasting change? Pastor Daniel Hill offers White Lies, a practical guide for dismantling White supremacy in a healthy, effective way.

About the Book

What can you do to be a force for racial justice?

Many White Christians are eager to fight against racism and for racial justice. But what steps can they take to make good, lasting change? How can they get involved without unintentionally doing more harm than good?

In this practical and illuminating guide drawn from more than twenty years of cross-cultural work and learning from some of the greatest leaders of color, pastor and racial justice advocate Daniel Hill provides nine practices rooted in Scripture that will position you to be an active supporter of inclusion, equality, and racial justice. With stories, studies, and examples from his own journey, Hill will show you:

  • How to get free of the impact of White supremacy individually and recognize that it works systemically
  • How to talk about race in an intelligent and respectful way 
  • How to recognize which strategies are helpful and which are harmful
  • What you can do to make a difference every day, after protests and major events

We cannot experience wholistic justice without confronting and dismantling White supremacy. But as we follow Jesus--the one who is supreme over all things--into overturning false power systems, we will become better advocates of the liberating and unconditional love that God extends to us all.


'Hill's cogent lessons are accessible to any reader new to anti-racist discourse, though white evangelical Christians will gain the most from Hill's analysis. Christians who are starting to examine their own relationships to systemic racism would do well to pick up this thorough work.'

As the White evangelical church slowly awakens to the rootedness of White supremacy in society and the church, the hard work of discipleship will be not only in identifying White supremacy but in doing the slow work of actually dismantling it. At a time when the world seems to be leading the church in responding to racial injustice through protests and movements, this book is a critical tool to help the church engage both in internal self-reflection and correction and in outward ministry and activism, grounded in spiritual disciplines that point the world to the radical, loving, subversive nature of Christ. The church needs many messengers with multiple messages to pursue racial justice and equity, and Daniel Hill is the leader we need now whose own vulnerability and humility have allowed the church to take a hard look at itself and grow into greater likeness of Christ that can impact the world.

Daniel Hill has done it again. In White Lies, he offers perceptive analysis, a pastoral heart, and an ability to mark a path forward for many who are stuck in the mire of White supremacy and racial injustice. I believe this book will serve as an important catalyst to reframe the work of justice and reconciliation and to move us to be the kind of people God calls us to be in the world.

I am deeply grateful to God for the gift of Daniel Hill's new book White Lies. It has been birthed out of many years of study and learning and ministry and listening, but I believe it has arrived 'for such a time as this.' The pervasive and demonic power of White supremacy needs to be named and disarmed, and repented of, and discipleship to Jesus cannot plow around this.

I once heard someone say that many White Christians are two or three good questions away from confessing a White supremacist view. White Lies is the book I would give to every White Christian to make sure their understanding of racism and White supremacy could withstand the burden of reality. Daniel Hill exposes the lies that prevent progress in racial justice and brings the truth spoken in love to help readers gain more competence in the fight against racism. Aside from the meticulous research and copious real-world examples, what makes White Lies so compelling is that its author speaks with integrity. Hill is doing the work of confronting the temptation to believe 'White lies' in his own life and in his ministry as the pastor of a justice-oriented, racially diverse church. If you're ready to take the next step in the journey of racial justice, then you must read White Lies.

The soul of the White church is at stake! There is an enduring stain on its collective conscience because of the sinful complicity it has with White supremacy and racial injustice. In this book, Daniel Hill bravely pulls back the curtain, exposes the lies, and tells the truth about what it will take to break free from the evil hierarchy of racial difference. This groundbreaking book is for all Christians who want to restore the credibility of the church by embodying the truth and power of the gospel to bring hope and healing to a broken and divided world. I highly recommend it!

This book has given me biblical language and spiritual strategy for the dismantling of White supremacy in my life and also in the world around me. As a Christian, I walked away from this book full of hope that heaven is in this with us and we have been given enough grace through Jesus Christ to engage, learn, and listen. Daniel Hill has written a book that reminds me at every turn of the page that what feels impossible for us to overcome is possible with God.

This is a historic moment in America. We are living through a racial awakening, and many White folks are leaning in, listening, marching, and searching for ways to participate in the movement for justice and liberation. In addition to listening to Black and Brown voices and reading books by people of color, we also need to do some of our own work as White folks. This book is a massive contribution to the conversation around faith and race in America.

White Lies is the perfect book for this moment. As more of us awaken to the racial injustices in our country, we continue to ask, 'How can I make a difference and participate in confronting racial injustice?' Start here, as Daniel Hill walks us down the path from awakening to becoming an active participant in confronting the evil that is White supremacy. Embracing a spirit of love, empathy, and truth, Daniel embodies this path here and carefully unpacks the White lies that have deceived us.

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