Remaining You While Raising Them

The Secret Art of Confident Motherhood

by Alli Worthington

On Sale: 2023-08-08

Book Summary

In Remaining You While Raising Them, Alli Worthington offers a guilt-free, often hilarious, empowering, research-informed guide to help modern mothers learn to better care for their own emotional, spiritual, and physical health so they can rediscover the beauty, the joy, and the sacred and secret art of confident motherhood.

About the Book

A guilt-free guide that strips away the myths you've believed about motherhood and offers you a new way to think--about your kids, yourself, and being the mom you've always wanted to be.

A recent Barna study stated that 80 percent of mothers are stressed out, 70 percent are tired, and 56 percent are overcommitted. This book is for them: every mom who feels overwhelmed, worried, stressed, overstimulated, tired, and strung out by all the demands of taking care of little--or not-so-little--humans.

Bestselling author, life and business coach, and mom of five boys Alli Worthington believes too many moms have neglected to take care of arguably the one person who matters most: themselves. In Remaining You While Raising Them, Alli shares guilt-free, often hilarious, empowering, and research-informed advice to help you:

  • Intentionally care for yourself--spiritually, emotionally, and physically--amidst the demands of motherhood
  • Drop the "good mom" myths that have been stealing your happiness
  • Take back your own identity by discovering the unique type of mom you are
  • Let go of social pressure, conquer mom guilt, and stop toxic comparison once and for all
  • Discover easy tools for building your confidence and developing a healthy mom mindset


Raising children who are spiritually, emotionally, and physically healthy is essential, but to accomplish that heroic feat, mothers also need to be healthy in those areas. It's time to rediscover the beauty, the joy, and the sacred and secret art of confident motherhood together.


As a young mom, I constantly feel crushed by advice. There is always more I could be doing, as social media is ever ready to remind me. For moms of this generation, shame looms large, so when I first opened this book, I was nervous. Thankfully, my fears were instantly relieved. This book is good news for mothers. It is a lighter way to parenting with impact. With her signature wisdom and humor, Alli offers herself as the most generous mentor. I so enjoyed reading this book, and you will too!

Sharon Hodde Miller, author of The Cost of Control

From the moment I opened this book, my heart felt a huge relief and a big dose of encouragement. Alli has such a way with words--she makes you laugh, she's relatable, and she shares wise truths in a gentle but firm way. If you've ever felt like you're failing your kids or that you just don't have what it takes to do this motherhood thing well, Remaining You While Raising Them is just the book you need to feel less alone and be infused with practical truth and inspiration to keep on keeping on.

Crystal Paine, New York Times bestselling author, host of The Crystal Paine Show, and founder of

I'm a stepmom of two, and the expectations--from not only others but also myself--were crippling. Before Alli wrote this book, she coached me on balancing work, family, and purpose, all while modeling being a great mom. She lived out the principles in this book and now is sharing them to bring freedom to women. I'm grateful for this resource that will help others in the way she's helped me.

Bianca Juarez Olthoff, pastor, host of the We're Going There podcast, and bestselling author of How To Have Your Life Not Suck

If you're a mom who can't remember who she was before motherhood, get this book now! Remaining You While Raising Them is an encouragement for any mom who wants to feel confident and fulfilled in not just her parenting but her own life too.

Christy Wright, author of Business Boutique, Living True, and Take Back Your Time

In Remaining You While Raising Them, Alli Worthington has given us a fresh look at what it really takes to be a good parent. With wisdom, humor, and compassion, she dispels exhausting and unhelpful motherhood myths and shows us that the best way to mother our children is to first learn how to mother ourselves.

Dr. Alison Cook, therapist and author of The Best of You and Boundaries for Your Soul

Mothers are stressed and anxious, constantly wondering if they're doing a good enough job. We tell ourselves lies and make unreasonable expectations of ourselves. This makes us miserable. We need help in order to help ourselves. This is exactly what Allie does in this book. She pinpoints the source of our misery and gives us practical ways to make wonderful changes. If you want to enjoy motherhood again and lower your stress level, read this book. Among the pages you will find a wonderful transformation.

Meg Meeker, MD, author of the national bestseller Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters

My one complaint about this book is that Alli didn't write it sooner. I had to go through the hard-fought journey of mothering four boys to gain some of these truths. You have the gift of Alli's wisdom and her excellent research to guide you in healthy mothering. Her help comes in a consumable, mom-friendly way. These chapters are relatable, to the point, and easy to grasp.

Heather MacFadyen, host of the Don't Mom Alone podcast and author of Right Where You Belong

There's not a mom alive who doesn't need this book. Remaining You While Raising Them is a true one-stop-shop manual for the mom who wants to love her kids well but needs to love herself a bit better. Thanks, Alli Worthington, for giving us real help to take the pressure off.

Lisa Whittle, bestselling author, podcast host, and speaker

This is the book I needed when I first became a mom, and it's the one I will keep revisiting for many years. If you're looking for a new narrative surrounding motherhood, you'll find it here. Alli speaks from a place of hard-earned experience, yet her voice is full of compassion and encouragement that we, as mamas, need. I can't wait to see the thousands of moms stepping into a place of thriving and freedom as they apply the wisdom within these pages.

Hannah Brencher, author of Fighting Forward and Come Matter Here

Yes please. This book is exactly what I've been looking for as a new mom. Alli's words have inspired me to ditch old ways of thinking and embrace my style of motherhood while cheering on others who are doing the same. I'm tearing through this book, highlighting things, texting quotes to my friends, and writing Alli's reminders on the back of my hand. Alli, thank you for this.

Stephanie May Wilson, author and host of the Girls Night podcast

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