Positioning Yourself to Do All Things Well

by Touré Roberts, Sarah Jakes Roberts

On Sale: 2022-04-26

Book Summary

Popular speaker and national bestselling author Touré Roberts presents a complete guide that informs, inspires, and teaches the critical discipline of learning to make the necessary spiritual, mental, relational, and even professional adjustments required to be the best version of yourselves in a world of constant change.

About the Book

Imagine learning to tap into the awareness, sensitivity, and highest thought patterns that enable the most successful outcomes in life, love, and business. What would your life look like if you were able to break the patterns of inconsistency that keep you from your absolute best? Could it be possible to identify and regularly access the highest version of yourself, leaving behind past hit-or-miss cycles and instead starting to win in every key area of your life?

These goals are not only possible--they are what you were made for!

In Balance, bestselling author Touré Roberts guides us on the eye-opening journey that unpacks the divine formula that makes this a reality.

This illuminating guide brings a unique and eye-opening perspective to the evasive concept of balance. Transcending familiar theories of work-life balance, Roberts teaches that balance is a state of existence, a becoming that, when realized, not only brings forth the highest version of an individual but optimizes their life's output, productivity, relational value, and overall achievement.

As he unpacks balance with stunning relatability, Roberts connects with readers on every level. His easy-to-grasp style of teaching and unabashed vulnerability illuminate and clarify how living in balance is the longing in each human heart. Roberts shares life-changing personal stories and the principles they inspired while discovering balance in his own life. As an author, speaker, entrepreneur, CEO, and lead pastor of two large congregations in the United States--not to mention a devoted husband and dedicated father of six--Roberts knows that merely juggling responsibilities is not the answer.

Balance departs from traditional techniques of time management and better organization to get to the core issues at stake. Roberts reveals that the path to true balance prioritizes self and discovers the unique, deep internal needs of the individual first. "Identifying your deepest needs not only is life-transforming but brings forth your greatest self, pouring an overflow of your best and highest abilities into the lives of everyone around you," Roberts explains. "Balance is not about learning to effectively give pieces of yourself to important parts of your life. Balance is about knowing and becoming your entire self--and then giving from your wholeness to everyone and everything within the context of your life."

Key chapters include The Power of No, which unpacks why "no" is the most powerful word in your vocabulary; There's No Team in I, a liberating and paradigm-shifting exploration of the difference between being selfish and the transformational quality of a term Roberts coins as being "self-ful"; The 5 Signs of Imbalance, which will help you quickly identify the imbalances in your life and effectively respond before crisis hits; and Balance after The Blow, a step-by-step guide to get you back on your feet after experiencing an unexpected setback. You'll walk away from each illuminating chapter with powerful principles, tools, and prompts for self-evaluation.

A personal navigation guide like no other, Balance charts your path to productivity, peace, positivity, purpose, and unlimited possibilities.


At one of the lowest points of my life, Pastor Toure, with his words and guidance, lifted me out of a dark place. I thought I'd been buried, and it was hard to see beyond the darkness, but what I realized through his words is that I'd been planted (not buried). It was my time to sow, and the time for reaping would come; surely enough, it did. Toure helped me find Balance and think positively; he encouraged me to question the narrative that I was feeding myself that was not serving me. Our biggest setback is often not what others say about us but the story we tell ourselves.
Anjula Acharia, CEO, A-Series Management and Investments

Most of us feel overwhelmed with too much to do and no idea what to do about it. Thankfully my friend Toure Roberts has written a very helpful, soul-settling, priority-clarifying, life-altering book called Balance. But before you read it, let me caution you. A truly balanced life may not be what you think it is. If you find yourself ready for a change, this book will help bring out your best.
Craig Groeschel, pastor, Life.Church; New York Times bestselling author

Right on time! Thankful for this new meditation on Balance from one of the preeminent spiritual teachers of our day. A focusing and engaging work with some of the most practical application you'll find anywhere. Thanking God for the revelation and equilibrium found in Balance.
Leslie Odom Jr., Tony and Grammy award-winning actor and singer

Toure Roberts is one of our most valued thought-provokers, and his book Balance couldn't have come at a better time. No matter where you are on your journey, you'll grow from this book, becoming a greater you.
Common, Golden Globe, Oscar, and Grammy award-winning rapper and actor; New York Times bestselling author

We all want it all. Which one of us has ever said we want only some of it? Not I. But saying it and achieving it are two very different things. As a senior business executive, single mom, bestie, daughter, sister, professor, entrepreneur, and author, I have more titles than I can count, and I want more accomplishments than my twenty-four-hour day tells me I can have, so that is why this book is key. I want to do it all well. Toure Roberts lays out vulnerable, honest, practical, and applicable advice on how to do it. You can take it or leave it. I'm taking it. And I highly recommend that you take it too. Immediately.
Bozoma St. John, chief marketing officer, Netflix

With Balance, Toure Roberts takes us on an epic journey of self-discovery and brilliantly redefines our understanding of Balance. This is the ultimate guide on how to tap into the highest, most powerful version of yourself. It's a must-read for anyone ready to break free from the chaos of their life and into the clarity of their destiny.
DeVon Franklin, Hollywood producer; New York Times bestselling author

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