Is Everyone Happier Than Me?

An Honest Guide to the Questions That Keep You Up at Night

by Sarah Bragg

On Sale: 2024-03-19

Book Summary

In hard seasons, it's easy to feel lonely, lost, unsure, stuck, and even flat-out unhappy. Is Everyone Happier Than Me? by Sarah Bragg provides practical and relatable answers to the questions you've likely been asking about your life, and poses a few more, to help you figure out what's standing in the way of your happiness, peace, and connection.

About the Book

The point where you feel like your life is unraveling can actually be a place of unimaginable growth--an awakening--if you're willing to ask yourself a few simple questions.

In an age where everyone else's successes are flaunted in front of you on social media, it can be a struggle to feel true happiness and contentment exactly where you are. Throw in difficult circumstances--loss, heartbreak, change, midlife--and it's easy to understand why you feel lonely, lost, unsure of yourself, stuck, and, if you're honest with yourself, flat-out unhappy.

Is Everyone Happier Than Me? provides practical and relatable answers to the questions you've probably already been asking about your life, and poses a few more, to help you figure out what's standing in the way of your happiness, peace, and connection. Author, podcaster, and midlife mom Sarah Bragg is a trustworthy comrade for the journey as she shares the valuable lessons she's learned in her own hard seasons to help you:

  • Identify the unhealthy habits you do when you feel unhappy and how to overcome them
  • Discover simple ways to find peace even in the murky middle of hard seasons
  • Find new ways to connect with others and yourself
  • Embrace exactly where you are even as you try to move forward


It's time to let go of the ideal of a perfect life and allow yourself to be a work in progress. And there's no better time to find happiness than right here in the middle.


Is Everyone Happier Than Me? is a book I can point clients and friends to as they confront the questions of midlife. Sarah says the things out loud many of us are afraid to--things we need to talk about that keep us up in the middle of the night. In this refreshingly honest and sharply insightful book, Sarah refuses to leave us alone with our questions. She helps us not only admit our questions out loud but teaches us how to sort through and make sense of them.

Monica DiCristina, MA, LPC

Another triumph by Sarah Bragg! Sarah helps us see the sanity, beauty, and authenticity in asking the questions we all have but are not always comfortable bringing to light. Brimming with practical advice, Sarah models for us an authentic life and mature faith. If you feel alone in your struggles, you will find here a trustworthy and wise companion.

Peter Enns, author, Curveball

I read this in one sitting like a drowning woman clutching a lifesaver. Not only does Sarah Bragg ask all the questions my middle-aged, Gen-X mind obsesses over, but she's also vulnerable about her own struggles and offers ideas for how to help get us off the hamster wheel. Is Everyone Happier Than Me? should be handed to every woman as she crosses the threshold of forty. 'Happy birthday! Here's your manual. It's gonna be okay.'

Melanie Dale, author, Calm the H*ck Down, Infreakinfertility, It's Not Fair, and Women Are Scary

In Is Everyone Happier Than Me?, Sarah Bragg threads the needle on the nuanced complexities of the modern pursuit of happiness, but what makes this reading experience different is the radical authenticity she does it with. Instead of using vapid cliches or vague generalities, Sarah honestly testifies to how both the depression and happiness sausages are made, and we're all the beneficiaries of this cross-examination of the self.

Knox McCoy, author, All Things Reconsidered and The Wondering Years

Sarah has taken questions we all ask and methodically unpacked them in her immensely relatable way. Get this book in your library and you'll refer to it often.

Emily Thomas, host, Struggle Well School

Sarah's work holds a profound understanding of the dilemmas we face in our daily lives. Her questions are not just inquiries but are tools for introspection and growth, especially for moms juggling the complexities of modern life. I highly recommend Is Everyone Happier Than Me? to anyone looking for clarity, connection, and a path to genuine happiness.

Retha Nichole, certified life and business coach

There's not a question in this book I haven't asked myself...and often. That's one reason I'm grateful Sarah has chosen to go further than most with her courage to explore rather than suppress hard things. In Is Everyone Happier Than Me? you will discover both a relatable companion and a wise friend who serves up some practical life skills. Good for you, Sarah, for helping us all become a little more authentic, kind, and courageous, one honest question at a time.

Kristen Ivy, president and CEO, Orange

This book holds a message our culture has long needed to hear, especially in the age of social media. It's a siren call to set down the measuring sticks and finally learn to say yes to what's right in front of us--the lives we actually have. Sarah is a compassionate guide and honest friend throughout the pages of this book. She leads and teaches from a place of vulnerability but also provides the doses of practicality and thoughtful planning we all need to get unstuck and start moving forward again.

Hannah Brencher, author, Fighting Forward and Come Matter Here

This is for anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed in this world of comparison and 'getting it right.' Whether we're struggling in faith or parenting or our own endeavors, Sarah's vulnerability gives space for all of us dealing with comparison and striving and brings hope that we can experience life differently and lean into our unique creativity and experience!

Elizabeth Petters, cohost, the Deconstructing Mamas podcast

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