The 2% Way

How a Philosophy of Small Improvements Took Me to Oxford, the NFL, and Neurosurgery

by Dr. Myron L. Rolle

On Sale: 2022-05-17

Book Summary

Dr. Myron Rolle--neurosurgery resident, Rhodes Scholar, former NFL player--shares how the strong work ethic, faith, and family values instilled in him by his immigrant parents and older brothers combined with a simple-yet-transformative life philosophy to enable him to overcome adversity, defy expectations, and build a life of meaning and purpose.

About the Book

You don't have to change your life overnight--instead, you can make small changes that leave a lasting impact. In The 2% Way, discover the simple, revolutionary practice behind the against-the-odds success story of Dr. Myron L. Rolle.

Dr. Rolle has led a remarkable life: from earning a scholarship to a prestigious private high school to becoming a top-rated recruit at Florida State University; from winning the Rhodes Scholarship for study at Oxford to playing football in the NFL and then becoming a neurosurgery resident at Harvard.

In this inspiring book, Dr. Rolle tells the story of his incredible journey, revealing how a strong work ethic, deep faith, and the family values instilled by his Bahamian immigrant parents set the stage for the transformative life philosophy that enabled him to overcome adversity, defy expectations, and create a life of meaning and purpose.

Whether you're struggling with your own obstacles, looking to improve yourself, searching for your purpose and identity, or seeking inspiration, Dr. Rolle's story will give you the encouragement and tools you need to:

  • Make incremental improvements that lead to long-lasting results
  • Build a life full of purpose and meaning
  • Tackle life with the assurance that you're moving in the right direction

The 2% Way will change the way you think about self-improvement, proving that you have the power to make strides toward the life you've always dreamed of.


By beautifully interweaving on- and off-field anecdotes with his 2% Way philosophy, Myron has designed a powerful playbook for tackling our greatest challenges, achieving our most daunting goals, and realizing our true potential.
Bonnie Bernstein, veteran sports journalist and CEO of Walk Swiftly Productions

Dr. Myron Rolle's achievements by any standard are stellar. But I am even more proud of the commitments that inspired him to such high attainment. These include a determined, rock-solid grounding in and connection to his cultural heritage, a strong and clear life-vision pursued without fear or compromise, and a subscribed obligation to give back no matter how far his life may take him. What we are seeing is a life richly infused, and for him I believe the best is yet to come.
Glenys Hanna Martin, minister of education, technical, and vocational training, government of the Bahamas

Dr. Myron Rolle's diverse life experience will connect with so many communities. His empathy and genius are evident in his voice and storytelling, which weave together his experiences of the most elite and world-renowned organizations. Dr. Rolle's relentless spirit is a product of Love and overcoming seemingly insurmountable adversity, and his methodology and philosophy are directly linked to the joy and success he has. His story is groundbreaking.
Troy Polamalu, Hall of Fame strong safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers

Myron Rolle is an amazing role model who is in the process of becoming a neurosurgeon after having achieved the goal of becoming a Rhodes Scholar and NFL player. His no-excuses mentality combined with a philosophy that always moves one forward is something to be emulated by all.
Benjamin S. Carson Sr., MD, founder and chairman, American Cornerstone Institute; emeritus professor of neurosurgery, Johns Hopkins Medicine; 17th Secretary of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development

Myron's journey from a defensive back in the NFL to a neurosurgery suite as a cranial surgeon is an incredible example of excellence in execution and 120. Small steps cover big distances, and regular 2% improvements can mean the difference between success and failure, average and exceptional, winning and losing. The 2% Way will change the reader's life--I know this because it changed mine.
Eric Thomas, PhD, author, speaker, educator, and pastor

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