Your Purpose Is Calling

Your Difference Is Your Destiny

by Dharius Daniels

On Sale: 2022-09-20

Book Summary

Step into your unique calling in life by embracing your God-given identity. In Your Purpose Is Calling, Dr. Dharius Daniels shows you how God created you to make your specific difference in this world, and the simple key to unlocking your fullest potential lives within you already--your identity in Christ.

About the Book

Discover exactly who you were created to be and what you were created to do by learning to see yourself the way God sees you.

The key to understanding, embracing, and unleashing your God-given uniqueness is possessing an accurate picture of your true identity. After all, if you don't know who you are, how could you ever know what you've been born to do?

In Your Purpose Is Calling, Dr. Dharius Daniels, founder of Change Church, takes you on a journey of discovering your identity through a threefold solution of finding fulfillment, fit, and fruitfulness. In the process, you'll learn to:

  • Overcome the obstacles--such as comparison, approval seeking, and emotional injuries--that inhibit you from fully embracing yourself
  • Exit the boat of normal living and step onto the sea of the abnormal
  • Thrive through effective self-leadership
  • Uncover your unique design, desires, dreams, and destiny

God says that his people are exceptional, which means your future need not be limited by the world's expectations. Move forward with the confidence that your individual purpose is as unique and exceptional as you are.


At some point in life, we all reach a place where we question our purpose and destiny. In his book Your Purpose Is Calling, Dr. Dharius Daniels walks us through practical principles to help us identify the gifts placed inside of us that serve as a foundation for purpose. He asks the keen question of 'Who do you think you are?' as a springboard into the steps we can take to find that answer, while simultaneously encouraging us to figure out our 'why' or the things that incentivize and motivate us. This is the book that my 20-something year old self needed to help me navigate life. This is the book that I need today to help me stay focused on my path and calling.
Tasha Cobbs-Leonard, Grammy Award-winning worship pastor and leader

Dharius Daniels has made it his life's work to help others become the best version of themselves, and this book is proof. Your Purpose Is Calling is a lifeline to anyone looking for clarity, purpose, and identity. Anyone who reads this book will find confidence that they can become the person God created them to be.
Dr. Anita Phillips, trauma therapist and host of In the Light podcast

Dharius Daniels is not only one of the most influential leaders in our nation, he's a friend. We've traveled the country together and one of my greatest privileges is introducing him to our audiences. His credentials speak for themselves, but the words he writes speak even more loudly both on the page and on the stage. As he brings a new level of innovation in faith, he challenges each of us to live fully in ways that will make a difference for everyone.
Reggie Joiner, founder and CEO of Orange

Discovering your purpose, identifying your distinctiveness, and making your unique contribution to the world, is the difference between living a meaningful or aimless life. In Your Purpose Is Calling: Your Difference Is Your Destiny, Dharius Daniels masterfully unpacks the importance of understanding why God has made you the way he has, and how to practically embrace and unleash your God-given potential. You will be equipped and empowered to step up and into your purpose.
Christine Caine, founder of A21 and Propel Women

If Dharius wrote a grocery list, I'd read it! Few people can build such amazing teams, ideas, and accomplishments while remaining connected to their true identity. If you're ready to answer the call of purpose, pick up this book!
Jon Acuff, New York Times bestselling author of Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking

It has often been said that God doesn't make mistakes, but did you know that God also doesn't make extras? God didn't make an extra you or an extra me because, when he decided we were necessary for creation, he endowed us with a unique purpose that only our unique fingerprints can unlock. Your Purpose Is Calling is the wake up call everyone who feels like an 'extra' needs because it reminds all of us that the things that make us different were designed by God to make us impactful.
Nona Jones, business executive and author of Killing Comparison and Success from the Inside Out

The market is flooded with books on purpose--it's hard to imagine that anything of import could be said that hasn't already been said. And yet, Dr. Daniels has found a fresh way to enlighten us all on how to source our individual differences to harness them into a life replete with joy, meaning, and fulfillment.
Thorough and thoughtfully written, in Your Purpose is Calling, Dr. Daniels answers. While he provides the map, the material, and the milestones, readers are empowered to chart their own course to unleash their unique calling and contribution to the world--a destiny reachable through a trifecta of their acquired skills, spiritual gifts, and God-given abilities.
R. A. Vernon, D.Min., founder and senior pastor of The Word Church, Cleveland, Ohio

This book is an arrow straight to the heart of a question we all wrestle with: 'who is the unique me and how can I make a difference with my one unique life?' Personal, compelling, and practical, Dr. Dharius Daniels helps you answer these questions and grasp who you were handcrafted to be.
Levi Lusko, lead pastor of Fresh Life Church and bestselling author

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