Killing Comparison

Reject the Lie You Aren't Good Enough and Live Confident in Who God Made You to Be

by Nona Jones

On Sale: 2022-09-27

Book Summary

For those struggling to overcome the feeling of never measuring up comes Killing Comparison, a practical and refreshing guide by social media executive, international speaker, and preacher Nona Jones that helps readers reject the lie that they aren't good enough to discover peace and live a free, joyful life.

About the Book

It's time to leave behind the discontent of comparison and discover a free and joyful life. Join Pastor Nona Jones--who was recently featured on GMA3--as she gives you the tools you need to kill comparison once and for all.

Nearly all of us deal with the struggle of comparison and finding ourselves lacking. But there is a way to break free from internal and external messages communicating a lack of self-worth. It starts with identifying the basis of your urge to compare and ends with securing your identity to the unchanging confidence of God's love for you.

Nona Jones knows this journey all too well. Throughout her life and in her career--most recently as an executive for the world's largest social media company--Nona discovered that despite professional success, true confidence can only be achieved by defeating toxic comparison and securing our identity to God's approval alone.

Killing Comparison provides a fresh, biblically rooted perspective on an age-old human dilemma--the pressure to compare oneself to others--that the era of social media has exacerbated and heightened. This timely and necessary guide will help you:

  • Determine your true source of self-worth
  • Develop practical ways to conquer daily comparison
  • Learn how to control social media instead of letting it control you
  • Discover how to accomplish your dreams without comparing yourself at every turn
  • Identify the root cause leading you to compare your life to others

Through practical insight and down-to-earth encouragement, Nona helps you avoid the despair of comparison and pursue a free, joyful life.


Dealing with comparison is easy as long as you don't own a phone, use the internet, or ever leave the house. If you, like me, do any of those things, though, you're going to need Nona's new book. To get to the heart of who you are and the root of comparison, read this!
Jon Acuff, New York Times bestselling author of Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking

Ever have the gnawing feeling that you just don't measure up? Well, fear no longer. Nona Jones, in Killing Comparison, kills the notion that you aren't good enough. Nona tackles negative self-talk and the external forces that attempt to put a lid on the potential inside you. A must-read!
Dr. A. R. Bernard, founder and senior pastor of the Christian Cultural Center, author of Four Things Women Want from a Man

In a world that seems determined to make us believe we aren't good enough comes Killing Comparison. Nona Jones has taken a well-known Bible story and turned it on its head to help us see with new eyes how to get free from comparison-born insecurity. This is a message everyone needs to read.
Carey Nieuwhof, bestselling author, podcaster, and founder of the Art of Leadership Academy

In her masterful work Killing Comparison, Nona Jones exposes and addresses one of the major contributors to people failing to experience their best life and become their best self: comparison. This work is timely, necessary, and destined to set people free.
Dr. Dharius Daniels, lead pastor of Change Church, author of Relational Intelligence and Your Purpose Is Calling

Killing Comparison is the book we all need to read to stay grounded in the truth about our identity. It's easy to believe the lie that we don't measure up when every magazine article and social media post seems to focus on our deficiencies. But Nona Jones lovingly reminds us that 'even what we lack has purpose.'
Anthony O'Neal, #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author and speaker

This book is all things Nona Jones--strength, individuality, and daring vulnerability wrapped up in one amazing message glorifying Christ! From the first page, Killing Comparison takes you on a journey from feeling insecure over your differences to truly feeling valued for the very same reasons.
Sadie Robertson Huff, author, speaker, and founder of Live Original

Whether you are a single woman, corporate executive, Sunday school teacher, or high school student, you need the message of Killing Comparison. Nona Jones has stripped insecurity down to its core to help us see it for what it is and get free from its toxic grip on our hearts.
Dr. Anita Phillips, LCSW-C, trauma therapist, host of the In the Light podcast

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