Get Past Your Past

How Facing Your Broken Places Leads to True Connection

by Jason VanRuler, Bob Goff

On Sale: 2023-10-10

Book Summary

In Get Past Your Past, licensed therapist and popular online content creator Jason VanRuler offers understanding, empathy, grace, and a hand to hold as he shares from his own places of brokenness and his learnings as a therapist to help readers embark upon their own journeys toward healing from the hardships, pitfalls, and missteps of life.

About the Book

Stop running from your past. Learn to forgive yourself and others. Embrace emotional and spiritual healing.

"[Jason] shows us how to move past our past by leading us along a path that ends in connection." –Bob Goff, New York Times bestselling author

Our pasts shape us and our futures in profound ways whether we know it or not. For some of us, our pasts can feel like heavy chains that we're dragging around with us forever.

As a licensed therapist with his own difficult past, Jason VanRuler provides compassionate encouragement, practical wisdom, and a hand to hold as he leads you to a place where healing from brokenness is not only real but attainable.

Get Past Your Past offers professional and personal knowledge to help you:

  • Vanquish the lie that you're the only one who struggles with a broken past.
  • Take achievable steps to overcome your circumstances.
  • Embrace the freedom that comes from sharing your testimony with others.
  • Learn to love and be loved in your most cherished relationships.
  • Cultivate authentic connection with those around you and with God.


It's time to confront your own past hurts and embark on your journey toward healing. Your brokenness is not the end of the story. It's time to heal.


Healing from our past is often something we say we want, but is often hard to do. We have the desire, but not the know-how. Jason VanRuler brilliantly gives us powerful tools and insights from his own lived experiences to get us there. It is filled with nuggets of gold that will help you flourish and thrive. I absolutely love this book!

Mike Foster, executive counselor; author, The Seven Primal Questions

In Get Past Your Past, Jason VanRuler takes us on a journey from greater self-awareness to deeper healing. Most people know Jason as a successful counselor, executive coach, or podcaster. As a personal friend (and fellow South Dakotan), I know Jason as someone who is very intentionally compassionate in the way he listens to and cares for those around him.

Cade Thompson, artist; songwriter; worship leader

It's rare for anyone to make it through life unscathed. If Hurt and Healing are archenemies, then Hurt knows how to reach us all and Healing seems to be only an urban legend. This book proves that healing is real. Not only is it real, it's obtainable. I'm grateful to know Jason VanRuler and to learn from him. Do your soul a favor and get your hands on this book.

Chris Durso, author, The Heist: How Grace Robs Us of Our Shame

Jason VanRuler provides a comforting acknowledgment that to some degree or another, we are all broken. You may have never considered the burdensome quote-posters you have hanging on the walls of your heart, but through stories from his own healing journey, Jason illuminates them and prods us to move toward health, healing, and wholeness. With clinical insights, relevant biblical examples, and relationship wisdom, Jason guides us along a path toward community and connection. Get Past Your Past is the guidebook you need to finally get past your own past.

Dr. Zoe M. Shaw, author; psychotherapist

Jason VanRuler, a great dude and an awesome therapist who has a lot of those abbreviations after his name, wrote a book called Get Past Your Past where he challenges you to confront your past hurts, helps you move through them, and provides encouragement and a legit friend for the journey every step of the way. Also, I've been thinking, why is abbreviation such a long word?

Michael Jr., comedic thought-leader; author, Funny How Life Works

There are so many things I love about my dear friend Jason. He's one of the most approachable people I've ever met. He's so kind, yet willing to say the hard thing. He's witty (and self-deprecating). He loves God. He has vast knowledge and experience as a therapist. In these pages, I have no doubt his insight will help you get past your past. This book will meet you right where you are, while at the same time challenging you not to stay there.

Adam Weber, lead pastor, Embrace Church; author; host, The Conversation podcast

This timely treasure-trove from Jason VanRuler is packed with biblical wisdom, clinical insights, practical solutions, and personal triumphs that will help you overcome life's hardships, embrace healing, and progress toward meaningful connections. Let me break it down into five words: boom sauce for the soul!

Chuck E. Tate, pastor; author; podcaster

You might feel that moving beyond your pain and heartache is insurmountable, but you're never alone. Jason VanRuler will truly help you get past your past for good with this book. Let the wisdom in these pages move you toward a brighter, more courageous, and well-connected future.

Jon Acuff, New York Times bestselling author, Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking

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