Apologetics at the Cross

An Introduction for Christian Witness

by Joshua D. Chatraw, Mark D. Allen

On Sale: 2018-05-15

Book Summary

Balanced in approach and focused not on arguments but on cultural contexts, the attitude of the apologist, and sound answers to difficult questions, Joshua D. Chatraw and Mark D. Allen's Apologetics at the Cross provides a thorough and accessible introduction to the renewed Christian discipline of apologetics.

About the Book

2019 Outreach Magazine Resource of the Year: Apologetics  2018 The Gospel Coalition Book Award: Evangelism & Apologetics

Apologetics at the Cross describes a much-needed approach to defending Christianity that uses Jesus as a model and the letter of 1 Peter as a guiding text.

This is a guidebook for how to defend Christianity with Christ-like gentleness and respect toward those who persecute the faith, making you a stronger witness to the good news of the gospel than many other apologetics books that focus on crafting unbreachable arguments.

Joshua D. Chatraw and Mark D. Allen first provide an introduction to the rich field of apologetics and Christian witness, acquainting students and lay learners with the rich history, biblical foundation, and ongoing relevance of apologetics. Unique in its approach, Apologetics at the Cross: 

  • Presents the biblical and historical foundations for apologetics.
  • Explores various contemporary methods for approaching apologetics.
  • Gives practical guidance in "how to" chapters that feature many real-life illustrations.

But their approach pays special attention to the attitude and posture of the apologist, outlining instructions for the Christian community centered on reasoned answers, a humble spirit, and joy; rather than anger, arrogance, and aggression. Chatraw and Allen equip Christians to engage skeptics with the heart as well as the mind.

Conversational in tone and balanced in approach, Apologetics at the Cross provides a readable introduction to the field of apologetics. You'll be informed and equipped for engaging a wide range of contemporary challenges with the best in Christian thought.


“In our culture, the practice of apologetics has moved from being a “boutique” topic for specialists to being a requirement for even having a conversation with one’s neighbor. Joshua Chatraw and Mark Allen have produced the most comprehensive, accessible, and up-to-date manual on Christian apologetics that I know of. Despite how full its treatment of the subject, it is eminently readable. The authors present all the various approaches to apologetics respectfully, proposing their own pathway that incorporates a large range of insights from many disciplines and thinkers. Highly recommended.”

“One of the best books about apologetics I’ve read. It offers a compelling vision for the place of apologetics in the life of individual believers and the church, drawing on the rich wisdom of the Christian past and the best recent approaches to the apologetic task. This book will both enrich the lives of Christians and help them defend and commend their faith in today’s complex world.”

“Just when you think this book is the comprehensive apologetics textbook you’ve been looking for---covering Scripture, history, philosophy, and culture---you realize it’s also something more: a creative, original proposal for an “inside-out” apologetic that is precisely what we need in our secular age. If you're skittish about “apologetics,” like I am, this book will show you another way.”

“This is a welcome addition to the library of books on apologetics. It is also a rare book: most defenses of the faith do not make the gospel their lodestar and template. This one breaks new ground in letting the reason for the Christian hope---Jesus crucified and risen---guide and govern the forms and methods of faith’s defense. Apologetics at the Cross incorporates biblical materials, the history of apologetics, and theology to make a cumulative case for the church as a socially embodied cruciform argument whose members are alert to how different people may need to be shown various different paths (i.e., kinds of arguments) that lead to, and into, the reality of the gospel. This is a book brim full of apologetic wisdom---most notably, the wisdom of the cross.”

“Imagine a book on apologetics that not only deals with content, but discusses tone and heart, is gentle and wise, and overviews method and approach with care and balance. That is Apologetics at the Cross. Not only does it walk through the common questions; it orients one to the different ways people think and relate to those issues. Here is a book that does apologetics with depth, not just of the mind, but of the soul.”

“Drawing on key biblical themes and the best of the Christian tradition, Josh Chatraw and Mark Allen have provided readers with a much-needed work for those looking to think more deeply about the Christian faith and the importance of Christian apologetics for our post-Christian world. This creatively written volume offers an unapologetic commitment to the gospel message, skillful analysis of a wide-ranging survey of the field of apologetics, and a helpful introduction to contextualization through the lens of the cross. Apologetics at the Cross not only informs and educates, but also points toward authentic witness and faithful living. Students, pastors, and church leaders will be strengthened by this outstanding resource, which serves as a trusted compass that people will not only read, but to which they will likely turn again and again for guidance. Highly recommended!”

“For many Christians, if we’re going to be honest, to picture ourselves “defending the faith” is almost like imagining perpetrating an act of mental abuse on the unsuspecting. But more often than not, we feel this way because we’ve inherited outdated, culturally insensitive models for apologetics. I love this book by Joshua Chatraw and Mark Allen, not because it says, “This is exactly how you do apologetics,” but, much more helpfully, because it provides a map for applying key principles within a culturally sensitive framework. If this is an area you struggle with, read it---and learn!”

“This book lives up to its title and then delivers even more. It shows us in a general way what cross-shaped way of defending the faith looks like and then gets specific with relevant and engaging cultural analysis to help us understand the moment in which we are called to be faithful. This is a book with wisdom to ponder and suggestions to practice, one to return to again and again for insight and clarity.”

“Apologetics at the Cross offers a compelling Christ-centered vision for what a Christian apologetic ought to be---rooted in the humility of the cross and born out of the endurance of a suffering church. Joshua Chatraw and Mark Allen have a gift for making complex ideas clear and ancient ideas accessible as they situate contemporary apologetic approaches in the light of their biblical and historical antecedents. They demonstrate the rich and diverse tradition of apologetics we have to draw from and how relevant that tradition remains today. With a balanced and insightful treatment of apologetic methodologies and much practical wisdom for treating those who are skeptical as persons rather than projects, Apologetics at the Cross is an ideal resource for anyone seeking to winsomely and compassionately engage today’s culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

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