The Disciple Maker's Handbook

Seven Elements of a Discipleship Lifestyle

by Bobby Harrington, Josh Robert Patrick

On Sale: 2017-02-07

Book Summary

God’s plan is to bring healing and redemption to the world through a revolutionary disciple-making movement. The Disciple-Maker’s Handbook, a resource, is a useful guide to understanding the seven key elements of a discipleship culture and how to effectively multiply disciples in the way of Jesus.

About the Book

Many people believe that discipleship is important, but they need help. In fact, the vast majority of Christians report that they have never been personally discipled by a more mature follower of Jesus. Is it any wonder that they have a difficult time knowing how to disciple others?

If making disciples of Jesus is the greatest cause on earth, how should we equip people to do it? This handbook is a practical guide for how to embrace the discipleship lifestyle – being a disciple of Jesus and how to make other disciples of Jesus. With contributions from pastors and teachers like Francis Chan, Jeff Vanderstelt, Bill Hull, Jim Putman, KP Yohannan, and Robert Coleman, the authors present seven elements that are necessary for disciple making to occur:

  1. Jesus—the original disciple maker and centerpiece of discipleship.
  2. Holy Spirit—fuels the disciple-making process.
  3. Intentionality—making disciples utilizing a strategy and a roadmap.
  4. Relationships—creating a loving, genuine connection with others who trust and follow Jesus.
  5. Bible—using the Word of God as the manual for making disciples.
  6. Journey—forging a traceable growth story from a new birth to spiritual parenthood.
  7. Multiply—reproducing the discipleship process so that the disciple becomes a disciple maker.

Whether you are a parent who wants to disciple your children, a small group leader who wants to disciple those in your group, or a church leader who wants to disciple future leaders, the seven key elements in this handbook form a framework for understanding discipleship that can be applied in countless situations. In addition, there are questions provided in each section to help you think through how to apply the material to your disciple making efforts.


“As a denominational leader I am always looking for just the right tool to put in the hands of large numbers of pastors and leaders. This handbook is the perfect resource to equip them for their ministry's most important work---disciple making!”

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“Bobby Harrington and Josh Patrick have taken the guesswork out of beginning a disciple-making movement. The book is extremely practical because it’s birthed out of years of investing in others.”

“Filled with clear transferable principles, biblical wisdom, keen insight, and practical tools . . . you will find this an easy and enjoyable read. I highly commend it to you.”

“I love what Bobby and Josh have done. The Disciple Maker's Handbook will help any believer live out their God-given destiny and fulfill God's purposes on earth.”

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“My friends, Bobby Harrington and Josh Patrick, have created a handy reference to equip pastors and their flocks to make disciple makers! The Disciple Maker’s Handbook provides fresh insights and everyday applications.”

“The challenge we face in our church today is that everyone wants to be a disciple, but not make disciples! The Disciple Maker’s Handbook helps every follower of Jesus see not only the why, but the how to making disciples.”

“The Disciple Maker’s Handbook is a helpful and practical guide for those of us who want to actually leave behind a legacy of changed lives. I encourage you to read it carefully.”

“The Disciple Maker’s Handbook is a must read for all church planters and church multiplication leaders. This is not just another theoretical guide, but a vitally important practical framework for anyone seeking to be part of Jesus' Great Commission to make disciples!”

“The Disciple Maker’s Handbook is an important tool for doing the church’s most important work!”

“The Disciple Maker’s Handbook will show you the foundational principles you need to know in order to be unleashed as a disciple maker right where you are.”

“The process of discipleship involves the whole of our lives, not just our theology. In The Disciple Maker’s Handbook Harrington and Patrick have provided the body of Christ with a holistic and practical tool for discipleship. It’s my prayer that we use it for the glory of God as we make disciples from every ethnicity.”

“This book is a beautiful guide for making disciple makers. It is simple, practical, down-to-earth, and Christ-centered. I commend it to everyone.”

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“This is a practical and powerful resource for making students of Jesus.”

“You can’t go wrong if you help people become more like Jesus. Here disciple makers Bobby Harrington and Josh Patrick help us find our way back to a more authentic following of our Lord.”

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