King Jesus and the Beauty of Obedience-Based Discipleship

by David Young, Bobby Harrington

On Sale: 2020-07-28

Book Summary

In King Jesus and the Beauty of Obedience-Based Discipleship, David Young presents a bold call for obedience-based discipleship and argues that it alone is the proper response to the kingship of Jesus

About the Book

What does it mean to be a disciple? The call of discipleship is more than programs and Bible study. In King Jesus and the Beauty of Obedience-Based Discipleship, David Young presents a bold call for obedience-based discipleship and argues that it alone is the proper response to the kingship of Jesus. Many have wrongly associated obedience with bad theology, believing that Jesus' demand for obedience is a form of works righteousness or legalism. Others simply don't like obedience and resist the demands Jesus makes in calling us to follow him.

But if we surrender to the kingship of Jesus, we will find the life we were designed to live. We are accustomed to calling Jesus "Savior." And we should. But until recently, many in the Western church have not learned to call Jesus "King."

The kingship of Jesus has implications for how we live. We can either rebel against him, raising puppet kings and constructing our own kingdoms, or we can submit to him in obedience-based discipleship. Could it be that you are still sitting on the throne of your life, treating King Jesus as a mere advisor? What would change in your life if you started treating Jesus as nothing short of your King?

Young unpacks five principles for those who wish to follow Jesus as King.

  1. Surrender to the authority of King Jesus
  2. Embrace the mission of King Jesus
  3. Live immersed in King Jesus
  4. Obey the teachings of King Jesus
  5. Behold the presence of King Jesus

Following these five steps awakens us to a life truly worth living, a life of power, peace, beauty, and love. This is eternal life, that we would know and follow Jesus as King of the Universe, and king over our lives. After all, you don't merely believe in kings. You obey them.


'A consuming loyalty to King Jesus. This is our heart's cry for ourselves and for others. But the struggle is real. We need fresh fire. Using Scripture, story, and practical wisdom, David Young shows how to ignite allegiance to the King of Kings so that it can spread like wildfire.'

'David takes the reader through a deep reconnection to the purpose and beauty of the gospel message of Jesus. It reminds, or maybe educates for the first time, the simple yet profoundly important principles of submission and dedication that every believer should be pursuing. This book is digestible, practical, deep, and gives the reader a breathtaking view of the lordship of our creator.'

'David Young is a unique blend of scholar and pastor, with a mission to make biblical disciples in relational environments. In this book he blends his passion for the Word of God, as it has been understood historically, with practical truths so needed today if we are truly to fulfill the mission the Lord has given his church. I am so grateful for people like him who still really preach the gospel as it was taught and received in the beginning. So many are watering down the word of God, but David doesn't. We need more of these voices. I recommend this book and also listening to David speak whenever he does.'

'Exponential is passionate about seeing movements of healthy reproducing communities of faith. Obedience-based disciple making, as David Young so simply and thoughtfully unpacks it in this excellent practical theological guide, is the key. Unfortunately, it may be the most important priority missing in the Western church. Thank you, David, for having the courage to write this book. I get excited thinking about the impact we'll see if the next generation of church planters embraces and lives out the principles and truths you've so thoughtfully articulated for us.'

'I rarely read books about the kingdom of God that make me cry. But then, this is just what David Young does. His stories drive home a well-crafted theology that is moving and practical. David paints pictures that make things I deeply believe much more vivid. I found reading it such a pleasure, it penetrated my soul.'

'I was stirred reading this book--a timeless and much-needed call to Jesus followers, particularly for Christians in the Western church (like me) who can often be steeped in an individualistic, consume--minded type of faith. May our lives be one of willing surrender and obedience to the rightful King of Kings and Lord of Lords: King Jesus.'

'In 2003, a successful megachurch pastor, David Young, came home from a season of prayer asking God for a clear vision for the church to engage. God has honored that vision in seven amazing years of new fruitfulness. And David's new book illuminates how Jesus' kingdom values and practices transform whole communities. Whether you are a theologian, a minister, a missionary, or an ordinary Christ follower who wants to be an extraordinary disciple, this book may be one of the best you will read this year.'

'Obedience. It's how Jesus walked with his Father. In this book, David Young refreshingly reveals Jesus to us through his kingship and kingdom, his lordship and discipleship, and the need for us to daily incorporate his presence and teachings into our lives. Reading David's book will revive a passion for Jesus and his kingdom within you, as well as a desire to walk in obedience just like him.'

'Rarely does such street-level, livable wisdom and academic acumen meet in one book. David Young brings to the surface an obvious yet little practiced core of Jesus' training of his disciples. As church leaders go through fits and starts trying to find Jesus' secret sauce, Young gently but brilliantly points out the obvious: Jesus called his followers to obedience. This book is a must-read because if you miss Young's simple yet profound point, you'll miss the essential message of Jesus.'

'This book is a master thriller. It tells us not only about the kingship of Jesus in our lives but also how Jesus is king of the universe. On every page, David Young is practical, realistic, and very honest. What beats me is not how he accept his mistakes and failures but how he prays to King Jesus to set them right. This book will cross a major threshold in saving souls for King Jesus.'

'This book is an easy and encouraging read. It is filled with powerful examples and heart-touching stories. You will be encouraged in a fresh way by the impact King Jesus can have in your life and in the lives of your friends. I commend it to you.'

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