A Discourse Analysis of the Hebrew Bible

by Jay Sklar, Daniel I. Block

On Sale: 2023-08-29

Book Summary

The Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the Old Testament series serves pastors and teachers by providing them with a careful discourse analysis and interpretation of the Hebrew text, tracing the flow of argument in each Old Testament book and showing that how a biblical author says something is just as important as what they say.

About the Book

How a biblical author says something is just as important as what they say.

Designed for the pastor and Bible teacher, the series carefully analyzes the discourse of each Old Testament book and shows how the main thrust of each passage contributes to the development of the whole composition in the original Hebrew.

For each passage, the ZECOT provides:

  • The main idea of the passage.
  • Its literary context.
  • The author’s original translation.
  • Exegetical outline with Hebrew layout.
  • Its structure and literary form.
  • An explanation of the text.
  • Its canonical and practical significance.

While primarily designed for those with a basic knowledge of biblical Hebrew, Hebrew words are always explained so that anyone who desires to understand the Old Testament and communicate its message will benefit from the depth and accessibility these volumes offer.


'A deep yet accessible engagement with a book so often ignored by biblical readers. This commentary is the fruit of decades of this respected scholar's reflection on the text of Leviticus and provides an insider look at the priestly system that informs so many biblical texts. Here you will find a detailed map, but also a satellite view of the way these details fit within the broader context of Israel's faith and the Bible's overarching story and theology.'

'As a pastor wearing many hats and often short on time, having a specialist like Jay Sklar on Leviticus cannot be overstated. Sklar is both careful with the ancient text and helpful with its modern consequence. I have been recently preaching through Leviticus. And I have gotten many comments in response and been blessed to watch many of my people appreciate holiness and love the cross of Christ. But having confidence in what I teach is virtually impossible without a careful specialist like Jay Sklar to clear the clouds of confusion and lighten the way of truth. Recommended!'

'Evolving from Jay's Leviticus, Tyndale Old Testament Commentary, this new edition in the ZECOT series exposits Leviticus with clarity, pastoral wisdom, and with a rich theological vision for the restoration of a flourishing humanity in God's kingly presence. In a world marred with blurred relational boundaries and a desire to choose our own identity on our own terms, the world-wide church is in desperate need of pastors who have wrestled with Leviticus's message prayerfully and who are willing to preach Leviticus's message as Christian Scripture both in and out of season. This commentary is a gift to every pastor who wishes to be equipped to preach and teach Leviticus's message faithfully so that God's people can reflect light and life in a dark and broken world.'

'For many modern Christians, Leviticus is the book we avoid: too many laws, too much blood, too far removed from everyday life. In this new commentary, Jay Sklar has provided a masterful resource to help unlock this difficult book for contemporary hearers. For my own preaching on Leviticus, Sklar's commentary has been the single most helpful volume I've consulted. It is everything a pastor needs: scholarly precision, awareness of the modern context, deep spiritual insights, sharp pastoral illustrations, and a love for Christ, our atoning sacrifice. This commentary is a true gift to the church.'

'I first heard some of Jay Sklar's lectures on Leviticus well over a decade ago and they made an impression. I remember being so encouraged by his clear love for the biblical text, by his Christocentric reading of Leviticus, and by the fervency of his love for Jesus and the church. More than a decade later, these same qualities shine through the pages of this commentary and make it such a valuable guide and aid for preaching through Leviticus. I found Sklar, in the pages of this commentary, a tremendously helpful dialogue partner when preaching through the challenging but rewarding terrain of Leviticus.'

'Jay Sklar is one of the leading Christian interpreters of Leviticus, a book he describes as 'divine law spoken directly from the heavenly King.' With unmatched clarity that rests on a careful exposition of the original text, Sklar brings the God of Leviticus near so that we can hear the divine words for ourselves. His deeply theological approach and meaningful analogies make a compelling case for the ongoing relevance of Leviticus's vision for holy living today.'

'Many find themselves daunted, puzzled, or even troubled by Leviticus. Others wonder how they might teach this book to an audience already convinced of its irrelevance. Jay Sklar addresses such concerns in this readable and thorough commentary which powerfully demonstrates the enduring value of Leviticus for the church. A fresh translation of the Hebrew text, augmented with analysis of structural dynamics, provides a firm foundation for informed and sensible exegesis. The theological themes thereby unveiled, read with canonical awareness, lead to compelling implications for Christian thinking and practice. For those who want to grapple with Leviticus in all its complex beauty, this volume is a must.'

'Sklar's new commentary on Leviticus is erudite, comprehensive, and also remarkably practical. Preachers and teachers will appreciate the rigorous attention to application found throughout the volume and will also be grateful for the way that explanations of passage after passage are undergirded by exegetical precision and thorough theological analysis. This is a must-have commentary for any serious student of Leviticus.'

'This commentary is a magnificent achievement. Over the past two decades, the author has become one of the leading scholars on the Book of Leviticus. In this volume he very helpfully summarizes his many previous scholarly analyses and conclusions about the ritual procedures as he works his way through the book. This lays a solid foundation for the understanding of the Levitical rituals. In the present volume, however, Sklar goes beyond his previous work through his careful rhetorical analysis and his many applications to Jesus Christ, Christians, and the church. This is a thoroughly Christian commentary. On virtually every page, the author shows that he has thought long and deep about the application of Leviticus to our lives and to our reading of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.'

'This commentary on Leviticus is a gift to both the academy and the church. Jay Sklar offers a perceptive reading of the book within its ancient Near Eastern context, giving careful attention to the Hebrew text in an accessible way. The commentary's greatest strength, though, is its theological synthesis. Sklar persuasively presents Leviticus as a vision of God's purposes for humanity in creation, providing thoughtful reflection on the role that Christians can have within this vision today. In doing so, Sklar breathes new life into Leviticus for the scholar, pastor, and informed layperson. This is a commentary that I will turn to again and again in order to learn from its many valuable theological insights.'

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