A Discourse Analysis of the Hebrew Bible

by Wendy L. Widder, Daniel I. Block

On Sale: 2023-09-26

Book Summary

The Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the Old Testament series is the go-to resource for pastors and Bible teachers looking for deep but accessible study that equips them to connect the needs of Christians today with the biblical text.

About the Book

Designed for the pastor and Bible teacher, the Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the Old Testament features today's top Old Testament scholars and brings together commentary features rarely gathered together in one volume. With careful discourse analysis and interpretation of the Hebrew text, the authors trace the flow of argument in each Old Testament book, showing that how a biblical author says something is just as important as what they say.

Commentary on each passage follows a clear structure to help readers grasp the flow and meaning of the text:

  • The Main Idea of the Passage: A one- or two-sentence summary of the key ideas the biblical author seeks to communicate.
  • Literary Context: A brief discussion of the relationship of the specific text to the book as a whole and to its place within the broader argument.
  • Translation and Exegetical Outline: Commentators provide their own translations of each text, formatted to highlight its discourse structure and accompanied by a coherent outline that reflects the flow and argument of the text.
  • Structure and Literary Form: An overview of the literary structure and rhetorical style adopted by the biblical author, highlighting how these features contribute to the communication of the main idea of the passage.
  • Explanation of the Text: A detailed commentary on the passage, paying particular attention to how the biblical authors select and arrange their materials and how they work with words, phrases, and syntax to communicate their messages.
  • Canonical and Practical Significance: The commentary on each unit will conclude by building bridges between the world of the biblical author and other biblical authors and with reflections on the contribution made by this unit to the development of broader issues in biblical theology--particularly on how later Old Testament and New Testament authors have adapted and reused the motifs in question. The discussion also includes brief reflections on the significance of the message of the passage for readers today.

The Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the Old Testament series is the go-to resource for pastors and Bible teachers looking for deep but accessible study that equips them to connect the needs of Christians today with the biblical text.


'A broadly inclusive, evangelical commentary on Daniel that at the same time engages respectfully and thoroughly the critical issues without partisanship, argument, or accusation. This is one of a kind!'

'A masterful introduction followed by close analysis at the microlevel, clear discourse analysis at the microlevel, and stimulating biblical theological treatment at the intertextual level. And Widder's ability to link all of this to the big idea at each point makes for stimulating reading--I literally read it straight through. Henceforth, it's my go-to commentary on Daniel.'

'A new day for Daniel studies. If persons were trapped until they preached through Daniel--which describes the way many approach such a series--and only one commentary was allowed, it's an easy choice. Wendy Widder's commentary combines her expertise in Hebrew and Aramaic and builds on her series of important studies on Daniel over the past decade. She never minimizes interpretive difficulties. But Wendy leads us past the long-line of interpretive cul-de-sacs created by earlier commentators on Daniel. Anyone who wants to understand and teach Daniel and trust the Most High God needs to start here.'

'I have come to appreciate the clarity and precision of Dr. Widder's writing over the years, so it is with great pleasure that I commend her latest work on Daniel. Readers of this volume will find a solid command of the challenging issues surrounding Daniel blended with up-to-date insights from discourse analysis and linguistic approaches to the Hebrew and Aramaic text.'

'Widder provides a close reading of the text of Daniel, highlighting the essential features of the book's clauses in its original languages. By auditing how the book creates its discourse, she builds a solid platform for moving from grammar and syntax towards meaning and theological interpretation. Students will appreciate the attention to detail, as well as the wider connections Widder makes between different parts of the book of Daniel. Widder does not shy away from the difficult critical issues, of which there are many. She presents multiple perspectives, which she evaluates with generosity, while also being up front with the conservative Christian framework within which she is working. Christian exegetes and preachers will find both food for thought and good guidance for their analysis and preaching endeavors.'

'Widder provides well-reasoned evangelical positions on critical matters and her comments are thorough, clear, and accessible. Her translations are carefully crafted to convey the nuances of the Hebrew and Aramaic, and it is clear she has a deep familiarity with the book. Her facility in discourse-linguistic analysis is evident throughout, making it a wonderful contribution to the series.'

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