The Baggage Handler

by David Rawlings, Jon Watson

On Sale: 2019-03-05

Book Summary

In a similar vein to The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews or Dinner with a Perfect Stranger by David Gregory, The Baggage Handler is a contemporary story that explores one question: What baggage are you carrying?

About the Book

Lost luggage can ruin any trip. But what if it could change your life?

A mother of three hoping to survive the days at her perfect sister's perfect house before her niece’s wedding.
A hothead businessman coming to the city for a showdown meeting to save his job.
A young artist pursuing his father’s sports dream so he can keep his own alive.

When Gillian, David, and Michael each take the wrong suitcase from baggage claim, the airline directs them to retrieve their bags at a mysterious facility in a deserted part of the city. There they meet the enigmatic Baggage Handler, who shows them there's more in their baggage than they've packed, and carrying it with them slows them down in ways they can’t imagine. And they must deal with it before they can leave.

In a similar vein to The Traveler’s Gift and Dinner with a Perfect StrangerThe Baggage Handler is a modern-day parable about the burdens that weigh us down—and an inspiring invitation to lighten the load.

Praise for The Baggage Handler:

The Baggage Handler is a tale that will resonate deeply with those who have held on too tightly, for too long, to the things hold them captive. That’s me. That’s you. Pick it up and prepare to have your world turned upside down, then turned right side up.” —James L. Rubart, bestselling author of The Man He Never Was

  • A stand-alone, short novel at 42,000 words
  • Christy Award winner for Best First Novel of 2019

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  • On Sale: 2019-03-05
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  • Publication Date: 2019-03-05
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