9 Lessons to Win in Business and in Life

by Kelley Earnhardt Miller, Beth Clark, Dale Earnhardt Jr

On Sale: 2020-04-07

Book Summary

An inspirational, practical guide to success in business and life learned through the opportunities and challenges of growing up as the daughter of NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Sr. and becoming one of the most influential women in professional sports.

About the Book

An inspirational, practical guide to success in business and life learned through the opportunities and challenges of growing up as the daughter of NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Sr. and becoming one of the most influential women in professional sports.  A successful businesswoman shares her story of growing up in the world of NASCAR and the lessons she learned along the way.

Just like a racecar as it takes to the track, each of us needs a certain amount of fine-tuning for our journey through life. In Drive, Kelley Earnhardt Miller, daughter of Dale Earnhardt Sr. and sister to Dale Jr., opens up about growing up in the world of NASCAR, sharing the lessons she learned about being a successful business leader and what she discovered, often the hard way, about winning in life.

Kelley never felt she was winning at anything until she began to deal with the thoughts and feelings that were driving her decisions and taking her in the wrong direction. Her journey of transformation is what empowered her to run the family business in an entirely different way than she had previously and to lead people not only with her head but also with her heart.

Drive offers nine important lessons learned about winning in business and in life, given not as a formula for greatness but as insight from a fellow traveler on a journey that is sometimes difficult, painful, unexpected, or confusing and sometimes exhilarating and joyful:

  • Be Authentic and Approachable
  • Manage Your Emotions
  • Succeed Using Strengths
  • Let Go to Move Forward
  • Customize Your Communication
  • Know How to Make Decisions
  • Aim for the Win-Win
  • Show Kindness
  • Live a Balanced Life

Become a stronger person and a more effective leader by facing the truth about your own life in a healthy way and then drive to the win!


'A true conglomeration of feeling, emotion, wisdom, experience, life, family, business, success, challenge, setback, victory, and legacy! Kelley opens her heart and transforms her personal demons, trials, and tribulations, as well as experience and triumphs, into positive lessons and challenges for the rest of us to garner. Kelley has revealed the paradigm of courage, wisdom, and beauty that she truly is, both inside and out, and presented it in typical, heartfelt Earnhardt fashion to win and help others win as well.'
Rick Brandt, president and CEO, Brandt, Inc.

'Be ready to be inspired. The genuine character and professional excellence that define who Kelley is will guide you to becoming a better person. Enjoy learning about my friend and what she values in her life, which will likely lift you to another level.'
Ryan Newman, NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series driver for Roush Fenway Racing

'I got to know Kelley when my team put together the deal for me to come to JR Motorsports and make the move to NASCAR. I've always respected the way that Kelley works to be the best leader for her team, not just the best female leader. She's a strong woman in a man's world who has helped pave the way for other women in the industry. Kelley expects the best out of her employees, and she pushes those around her to succeed.'
Danica Patrick, former professional racecar driver

'Kelley Earnhardt Miller is an incredible mix of hard-nosed business sense, creativity, and loyalty. While being a great businessperson seems effortless to her, she has an uncanny ability to lead a diverse set of employees while racking up wins, growing the company, serving on boards, and raising a family. To get a peek inside her mind is a true privilege for those who want the secrets to her success.'
Thayer Lavielle, executive vice president of talent marketing and operations, The Collective

'Kelley finds a way to drop the curtain surrounding what some might call insider knowledge about the sport of NASCAR and the business that fuels it. But even more impressive is the way she also drops the same curtain when it comes to herself. Her honesty and vulnerability make this book not only a great read but an important work/life handbook.'
Krista Voda Kelley, television host; reporter for NASCAR on NBC

'Kelley masterfully shares complex subject matter in a personal and easily understandable way in Drive. The look into Kelley and Dale's childhood and her journey to become one of the most influential female executives in all of sports is an inspiration to all. The 'lessons learned' portion of the book only confirms why I have always looked up to Kelley. This is a great read not only for NASCAR fans but for those who want to be better leaders, parents, and human beings.'
Jim McCoy, vice president, Nationwide Marketing

'Kelley's extraordinary experiences have helped shape her into one of the most sincere, down-to-earth, and honest people I've encountered in both business and life. With incredible candor and relatability, she takes readers inside her unique journey and shares a remarkable leadership style that's all her own. Built on integrity, compassion, and the Earnhardt family's trademark drive to succeed, Kelley's story serves as a road map for servant leadership and putting people first.'
Rick Hendrick, owner of Hendrick Motorsports; chairman and CEO of Hendrick Automotive Group

'Practical lessons and easy to understand! The honest and humble way Kelley shares her personal experiences and lessons learned is remarkably simple. This is a great book for anyone wanting to be successful in business while protecting what's really important: their family relationships.'
Scott Hunt, CEO of Hunt Brothers Pizza

'The impact of the Earnhardt family in my life and career has been immeasurable. I've practically watched Kelley Earnhardt Miller grow from that confident little girl hanging out with her dad and brother at the racetrack in the early eighties to a successful businesswoman today. Kelley is a person of utmost integrity and has a work ethic like none other. As a result of that hardworking attitude, I'm confident that this book will succeed. Kelley is not only a special friend to the Childresses, but I consider her to be a part of our family.'
Richard Childress, chairman and CEO of Richard Childress Racing

'Through the great sport of fishing I have been very blessed to have come to know many extraordinary people from all walks of life. I have fished with presidents, prime ministers, leaders of industries, and people in the conservation world. Of all the people, including some real characters, I would place Dale Earnhardt Sr. right up at the top of the list of truly remarkable individuals. In many ways, Kelley is a chip off the ol' block. Just like her dad and famous brother, she is one of my heroes. She has the same Earnhardt savvy, drive, fire in the belly, and determination but just happens to be a little--or maybe a lot--more organized. Thanks, Kelley, for sharing your inspirational life story with no holds barred. I love you, and I love this book!'
Johnny Morris, founder, Bass Pro Shops

'Driveis an amazing insight into the personal and professional mind of one of the most well-respected leaders in our NASCAR garage. Not only did I learn things about the Earnhardt family growing up, but I learned how to make better decisions in my life at home and in my business ventures. Drive is a must-read for everyone wanting to follow their dreams in life, both personal and professional!'
Sherry Pollex, vice president and founder of the Martin Truex Jr. Foundation and

'It is a rare thing to find a book that is so brilliantly written for business andlife. Kelley will help you win at both like no one else can--with heart and unmatched experience. As a mom to three and CEO of a dynamic business, I found that Drivehad a profound effect on how I intentionally pursue what matters. Get ready to be inspired and challenged to take your work and life to the next level--a must-read!'
Lara Casey, CEO of Cultivate What Matters; author of Cultivateand Make It Happen

'Reading Kelley's Drivefelt like sitting in a room and listening to her tell me all the things she addresses directly and only to me. Through this book, you not only get sage advice from someone who has made a name for herself; you also get to know Kelley. You learn why those who know her respect and appreciate her.'
Mike Helton, vice chairman of NASCAR

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