Overcoming the Messages That Shaped Our Past and Limit Our Future

by Elizabeth Melendez Fisher Good, Beth Jusino

On Sale: 2020-01-14

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Book Summary

One of the most inspiring messages coming out of American culture today is that women are done being victims, and there’s never been a better time for Fisher’s straight-talking book to women about the need to understand our pasts and break the bonds that hold us back.

About the Book

Someone in your past sold you a false story about who you are and what you’re worth. It has been holding you back for too long. Take control of your future.

A staggering one out of three women in America was a victim of sexual abuse at some point in her childhood. No matter how many years it’s been, if that’s your story, those scars are probably still with you. But even if that’s not part of your story, this book is for you. Women today have been groomed for a lot more than just sex.

Using her own story of abuse, family tragedy, and rebellion, Elizabeth Melendez Fisher guides readers toward an understanding that grooming is oftentimes subtle, but it’s always life-altering. In Groomed Fisher incorporates the language and lessons gained over the past decade working with sex trafficking victims and her work in ministry and counseling before that. She draws out five specific ways that women have been groomed, from physical appearance to spirituality to finances, and shows how those manipulative messages have affected the way we see our worth and how they’ve oftentimes stifled and limited us. From there Fisher offers readers a way to overcome their past, starting with the all-important but rarely explored idea of a selah, or a time of rest and reflection, and exploring active ways to forgive and move forward to a new level of freedom.

No one has to be defined by her past. No one has to live for her groomers. It’s time to take a look back at where we came from to escape the messages of our past and take control of our future.


'In Groomed Elizabeth shares a raw, heart-wrenching story, digging deeply to save others--a vital education, a sad tale, and a miracle of truth. Stopping sex trafficking and helping young women thrive is only possible through the education this book provides. And, ultimately, the sad realization that it could have been any of us!'
--Dina Bair Maher, WGN-TV, Chicago, anchor/reporter

'Elizabeth Melendez Fisher Good shines a bright light on practical steps anyone can implement to dispel the darkness from which they have become enslaved. The first step, Good says, is to make a conscious decision to identify the grooming. She then leads the way to break free from the story that has been penned. Freedom is a journey, not an event, and it begins with selah.'
--Tamela J. Young, MACM, One Heart One Hope coach; Heart2Heart Sisterhood founder/director

'In a world where women tend to define their worth by their appearance, often feel invisible, and frequently make decisions out of fear, the message of Groomed is desperately needed. Through her story, Elizabeth exposes the lies that groomed these destructive mind-sets in us and guides us to the truth of our true beauty, strength, and power. This book will change how you see yourself and other women, as Elizabeth shares solution-oriented insights with an authentic voice and great wisdom. She will inspire and equip you to live a life of purpose, satisfaction, and joy.'
--Katherine Lee, Pure Hope Foundation founder and author, Interrupted

'I'm incredibly moved by how God has used Elizabeth's story. The parts Satan meant to use to destroy her, God has used for good. Elizabeth is a warrior and champion giving a voice to the voiceless. Groomed is yet another way of helping those who can't or don't know how to help themselves. I am of the firm belief that everyone who reads this book will benefit in some way!'
--Cindy Pentecost, author, I Get to Prepare My Heart: A Christmas Devotional

'Groomed provides both women and men with insights and observations to help them increase their self-knowledge. With that knowledge their eyes can be opened to the influences that have shaped their lives for good and for ill. With that knowledge choices can be made to restore their lives and strengthen relationships as they were meant to be.'
--Quin Frazer, Drinker Biddle and amp; Reath LLP partner

'Groomed is an incredible, brave, and gorgeous book. It exposes, with loving wisdom, the spectrum of cruelties that do so much harm to so many while it also reveals the enduring capacity of love and truth, helping to lead people from victimization, through healing, and into a place where they can thrive. This book is not for the faint of heart but for anyone who wants to care more effectively for themselves or others; it has bountiful wisdom that will make the journey worth it.'
--Kaethe Morris Hoffer, Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation executive director

'This book is timely and speaks to all--male and female, young and old. Elizabeth's heart is poured into this book, not only to comfort the hurting but also to provide lifesaving help for those who have been hiding. Her personal story also offers guidance in recognizing those who need help. Groomed should be required reading for everyone in the counseling, teaching, health, and law enforcement fields.'
--Mary Lou Johnson, licensed clinical family therapist and author/photographer, The Lure of Longboat Key: Sunrise to Sunset

'Never are the marginalized more exploited than in times of prosperity. The bounty of some often comes through the trauma of others. In the modern Western world, we seek entertainment and distraction to patch the void left unfilled by the comforts of our times. Groomed reveals in heartbreaking anecdote after heartbreaking anecdote what it means to 'come to oneself,' to see the image of God within our fellow human beings. Elizabeth weaves a poetic narrative that exemplifies her belief that as we respect God's temple (the bodies of others), we give honor to our own temples, thus living in communion with God and with one another.'
--Steve Bynum, WBEZ, Chicago

'Groomed is an amazingly bold and vulnerable look into the life of Elizabeth Melendez Fisher Good. In a powerful way Elizabeth allows us to enter her journey of pain with an incredible redemptive outcome. Lives will be changed as a result of her honesty. She has taken her tumultuous early years and turned them into a beautiful catalyst for good.'
--Alan Smyth, Saving Innocence executive director

'Groomed is a captivating must-read for empowering women to take time to reflect on pervasive areas of our pasts and begin to step out and move beyond what we were groomed to be. As I read this book, I could feel the weight of my past lifting off. Elizabeth gives riveting, action-packed steps on how we can truly grasp a future full of freedom to be all we were created to be, walking stronger in the light of our new day.'
--Valerie Ellery, international inspirational author, speaker, and human trafficking education specialist

'Elizabeth Melendez Fisher Good allows us to witness a life full of secrets, survival, and resilience. Groomed is full of important information for those of us who want to enjoy the companionship of our best selves and those we serve in the world of social services.'
--Dr. Stephanie Powell, Journey Out executive director; retired, Los Angeles Police Department

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