Women Who Risk

Secret Agents for Jesus in the Muslim World

by Tom Doyle, JoAnn Doyle, Greg Webster, Tom Doyle, JoAnn Doyle

On Sale: 2021-01-26

Book Summary

True inspirational stories of women who are former Muslims still living in the Middle East but who are now passionate followers of Christ.

About the Book

Explore the incredible work of the Lord in the hearts and lives of women in the Muslim world! In these gripping stories of Christ's presence straight from the underground church, Pastor Tom Doyle and his wife, JoAnn, show you how women in Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Iran are leading their communities to faith in Jesus—and how you can too!

Despite enormous risks to themselves and their families, former Muslim women are now influencing their husbands and their children and bringing others to faith in Jesus Christ. No matter where they live, these women are the God-ordained spiritual gatekeepers of their families. Even though the level of oppression that women face under Islam is unfathomable to many in non-Muslim nations, these brave women stop at nothing to share their faith.

The Doyles believe that women are a major reason why more Muslims than ever are coming to faith in Christ. Over the years they have discovered that once God sets a Muslim woman free, she becomes an unstoppable force for God. Women Who Risk takes readers into Muslim homes in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, and other hot spots to see the power of Christ at work. This incredible book contains:

  • Inspirational stories straight out of the underground church—stories you don’t get on the news
  • Examples of the miraculous works of God happening in the Muslim world
  • The experiences of pastors who have worked for the past twenty-five years in the Middle East
  • A clear call to action sounding the alarm to the body of Christ
  • Motivation for all Christians to boldly share their faith with family and friends

The stories of these women are both breathtaking and heart-rending. Living on the edge, these women spread the gospel without fear, and the victory of the gospel is thrilling for all to see. If you’re wondering if God still performs miracles or are afraid your life can't make an impact, then this is the book for you.


'As mentors and friends, no one has shown us more about how to love our Muslim neighbors than Tom and JoAnn Doyle. The true stories captured in these pages will inspire your faith and awaken your heart to the powerful move of God happening among women in the Middle East. Make no mistake, the church is alive and unstoppable!'
--Bryson Vogeltanz, president and CEO, Partners International; and Emily Vogeltanz

'Disillusioned with flat Christianity? Wondering if God still does miracles? Afraid your life can't make an impact? Then this is the book for you. Women Who Risk is a peek behind the veil to the personal battles and miraculous movements of the spiritual warriors of our day. These new Jesus followers, and their real-life stories of vulnerability, faith, challenge, and courage, will not only inspire your own spiritual journey but also help you see the God who sees you.'
--Kadi Cole, leadership consultant, executive coach, and author, Developing Female Leaders

'Eye-opening, awe-inspiring, praise-evoking--Women Who Risk is an exhilarating peek behind the veil to see how, despite the danger, Jesus is reaching and empowering Muslim women to live for him. Let our friends, Tom and JoAnn, take you on an exhilarating journey of discovery that will enrich your faith and encourage your soul. You'll be riveted and enthralled by these astounding stories!'
--Lee and Leslie Strobel, authors, Spiritual Mismatch and The Case for Christ

'For many years we have read books aloud together in the evenings. Among the very best and most edifying have been the works of Tom Doyle. But with the release of Women Who Risk, Tom, now joined by JoAnn, have outdone themselves. The book reads like an adventure novel--fast-paced, intriguing, spiritually edifying, and faith building. We couldn't put it down.'
--J. P. Moreland, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University; and Hope Moreland

'Heartbreaking and inspiring, Women Who Risk unveils the incredible stories that are currently happening in the Muslim world. Women are meeting Jesus in unprecedented numbers and in supernatural ways. Warning: This book is a page-turner that will grip your heart and blow your mind. It reads like the Acts of the Apostles. God is great!'
--Jim Tomberlin, author; merger specialist, The Unstuck Group; and chief of staff, Christ Fellowship, Miami, Florida; and Deryl Tomberlin

'I love the stories in this book--many of which brought tears to my eyes--as they are snapshots of what God is doing among the Muslim women in the Middle East today. Jesus is pouring His special grace on Muslim women because He came to set the captives free, and in Islam, it is the women who are oppressed and treated as slaves. The greatest weapon we have against the dark spirit of Islam is love.'
--Hormoz Shariat, president, Iran Alive Ministries; and Donnell Shariat

'Jesus is rescuing women in the Muslim world! Their beautifully told stories will encourage your own faith and leave you in awe at the Savior who is unwilling that any--including those shackled in the bondage of Islam--should perish (2 Pet. 3:9).'
--Todd Nettleton, radio host, The Voice of the Martyrs; and Charlotte Nettleton, Wesleyan Christian School

'Like war correspondents, Tom and JoAnn Doyle report from behind enemy lines about the spiritual combat conditions we, who live under a Declaration of Independence, cannot comprehend. Women Who Risk is not fiction. These are all real-life stories that have been lived out in the midst of savage brutality and unmitigated evil. There is a higher battle than the ones played out in the Middle East today. It's a battle for human souls. Here is wrenching fear and pain transformed to ecstatic joy, a gritty, compelling account of our world God calls us Christians to confront with His transforming power.'
--Jeanne Hendricks, speaker, author, and wife of the late Dr. Howard Hendricks

'My heart was gripped to read the stories of women in the Middle East who, facing desperate situations, are utterly transformed by Jesus. If it can happen to them, then there is hope for any relationship here! Open these pages and enter a world where God's power is on display in astounding ways!'
--Bruce Peppin, author, The Best is Yet to Be, and speaker, Finishing Life Well; and Kathleen Peppin

'No couple has inspired us more than Tom and JoAnn Doyle as they fearlessly and faithfully walk side-by-side into the darkest places on earth. All to share Christ with those who desperately need to hear it and in places no one else has dared to go. Their riveting stories will open your eyes to the pain and ignite your passion to join Christ in His mighty work of saving, healing, and loving the Muslim world.'
--Jason Elam, special ambassador, Bible translation, Seed Company, and former NFL kicker; and Tamy Elam, advocate, Seed Company

'The stories in this book have broken my heart, put tears on my face, and pressed me to my knees in prayer for women who have risked everything to follow Jesus. Their steadfast faith when facing death, their strength to endure abuse, their courage to bear witness of the Truth, and their sheer joy in Jesus make them women to emulate. Read this, and you will love Jesus more and be filled with gratitude that He loves you, and me, and women everywhere. Thank you, Tom and JoAnn Doyle, for these incredible, jaw-dropping stories.'
--Anne Graham Lotz, author, Jesus In Me

'This book is a powerful portrait of spiritual heroism. Tom and JoAnn Doyle have woven together incredibly impacting true stories of women in the Middle East, women whose courageous walk of faith is a testament to the resurrection power of the Savior who has changed their lives. It also illustrates profoundly how Christ cares about women, and cares infinitely.'
--Craig Parshall, New York Times bestselling author and senior vice president, National Religious Broadcasters; and Janet Parshall, radio host, nationally syndicated In the Market

'Tom and JoAnn are a dynamic team in every way! Their love and passion for Jesus and for each other overflow into every life whom God places in their path. You, too, will be touched as you read the engaging stories of real-life women who are also bringing Christ's light into the dark world of Islam.'
--Mike and Cheri Fitzsimmons, founders, Morningstar Transformational Tours

'Tom and JoAnn Doyle are courageous, Holy Spirit--filled Christians with a willingness to brave dangerous circumstances, risk personal safety, and lay down their lives for those to whom they minister. I deeply appreciate their dedication to both Muslims and the Jewish people, bringing them the message of God's love through Jesus the Messiah. This book will advance your understanding and prayer burden for some of the most marginalized and imperiled believers in the world.'
--Mitch Glaser, president, Chosen People Ministries; and Zhava Glaser

'Tom and JoAnn not only have the pulse of the Middle East; they care deeply for women. How might we see a movement of God through war and famine? Through Women Who Risk!'
--Jeff Gerhardt, CEO, Centix Life Technologies, and board chairman, Uncharted Ministries; and Heather Gerhardt, worship leader and content creator, YouTube channel

'We are living in a world full of injustices. One of the greatest being the plight of Muslim women. Tom and JoAnn not only have given a look into that world but also have revealed how God is powerfully penetrating what has been closed--setting Muslim women free to share and demonstrate God's love to those around them. Indeed, God is at work in miraculous ways!'
--David Ecklebarger, former president and CEO, Spanish House Ministries/Unilit; and Cathy Ecklebarger

'We were captivated from the very first page with the identification of these women as Secret Agents for Jesus in the Muslim World. The miracle of their heart healing, the powerful testimony of how they daily bear witness of Jesus' love by word and deed in a dangerous world, confronts us to live beyond our religion. We need to see and hear and reach out as they do, with Jesus' heart.'
--Ray Bentley, pastor, Maranatha Chapel; and Vicki Bentley

'Women Who Risk is an inspiring, challenging peek inside the real world of some of Tom and JoAnn's friends who know 'the cost of discipleship' very few of us in America will ever have to consider. This book will change the way you think about giving your life away and lead you to be willing to pay a greater price in following Jesus regardless of the cost!'
--Todd Peterson, former NFL kicker; chairman, Pro Athletes Outreach; chairman emeritus, Seed Company; and board member, Passion City Church; and Susan Peterson, founder and CEO, Relish and Cabell's Designs, and board trustee, Young Life

'Women Who Risk is your chance to walk through some of the world's most challenging places with JoAnn and Tom Doyle. Their riveting accounts are of bold women whom Jesus has met through their dreams, visions, and miracles. This book is a powerful read that will stretch your faith and inspire you to live with courage for the kingdom.'
--Bob Shank, founder and CEO, The Master's Program; and Cheri Shank, special events and women's program, The Master's Program

'Women Who Risk reads like pages from a modern-day book of Acts, with twists and turns at every corner. The testimonies grab the heart, fascinate our faith, and challenge the very core of our Christianity. These stories are crucial for this hour in history, a time of global unrest and uncertainty. These sisters and brothers are models of the saints who depend on the trustworthy lordship of Jesus, His love, God's supernatural power, and miracles. God will use this book to transform your life, turning your heart to repentance, gratitude, and compassion.'
--Joshua Lingel, president, Mission Muslim World University and i2 Ministries; and Sara Lingel

'Women Who Risk revolves around two incredible truths. The first is the power of Jesus to change the hearts and lives of women and their families in the Muslim world. And the second is the amazing way God has used Tom and JoAnn Doyle to introduce us to these modern-day heroes of the faith. Grab a cup of qahwa (Turkish coffee) or shay (Turkish tea) and sit down to read these amazing stories of Muslim women who have come to know, follow, and proclaim Jesus. But be sure to grab a large mug and choose a comfortable chair because you won't be able to stop reading once you begin.'
--Charles Dyer, professor at large, Moody Bible Institute, and radio host, The Land and the Book; and Kathy Dyer

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