The Next Jihad

Stop the Christian Genocide in Africa

by Rev. Johnnie Moore, Rabbi Abraham Cooper

On Sale: 2020-10-13

Book Summary

Drawing from on-the-ground experience and personal testimonials, two of the world’s leading advocates for religious freedom and human rights---one Jewish and one Christian---explain what’s happening to Christians across Africa, why it matters, and what must be done now.

About the Book

The Next Jihad draws from the on-the-ground experience and personal testimonials of two of the world’s leading advocates for religious freedom and human rights—one Jewish and one Christian—as they explain what’s happening to Christians across Africa, why it matters, and what must be done now.

Although news of Christians being killed overseas hits major media outlets from time to time, the news quickly fades away while our fellow believers continue to suffer. Johnnie Moore, as he has done before, wants to awaken the church and American politicians to the daily horrors happening to Christians, focusing this time on Africa.

While the world has been fixated on jihadist threats in the Middle East, terrorists from Nigeria to Kenya have had free reign to massacre on a scale far beyond that of the terrorists in Iraq and Syria. Whole villages have been razed, mothers and children have been grotesquely killed, and an unabashed effort at ethnic cleansing has been embarked upon with unrelenting resolve. Their intention is to rid Africa of its Christians, either by forced conversion to Islam or by destruction and murder.


'Rabbi Abraham Cooper and Rev. Johnnie Moore have long been numbered among the world's foremost advocates for religious freedom and human rights. I'm very glad they have turned their attention to Nigeria, where there is an ongoing genocide largely ignored by the world. They have led by example by travelling there themselves before writing this well-researched and compelling call to action. The world must act now.'
--Rep. Frank Wolf, U.S. House of Representatives (1981--2015)

'Rabbi Cooper and Johnnie Moore have written a compelling first-hand account of the unfolding tragedy in Nigeria, Africa's most populous nation. They write with clarity, insight, and urgency about an unfolding genocide, driven by Jihadist ideology and hatred of difference.
'They detail the hacking to death and beheading of Christians; the destruction of homes, livelihoods, and places of worship; and the abduction and rape of young women--personified by the story of Leah Sharibu--and they ask, why are we so indifferent?
'This book is a timely and overdue call to action--with fifteen concluding recommendations--reminding us that 'quiet diplomacy didn't save six million Jews,' that 'never again' is a glib slogan that has been rendered meaningless in Jos, Kano, Plateau State, and Nigeria's many other slaughter houses.
'This is a powerful message that demands the attention of us all, and it ought to be on every leader's desk. We have voices, votes, freedoms, privileges--and having read this book, you will have no excuse for not using them.'
--The Lord Alton of Liverpool

'TheNext Jihad is a vivid and timely primer on the religious terror now targeting Christians in large regions of the African country of Nigeria. That, for its faith, this church community--the largest Christian community of the most Christian continent today--suffers relentless, unspeakable death and torment at the hands of those who align with Islamic State and other extremists should at once inspire us and serve as a warning. Yet Rev. Johnnie Moore and Rabbi Abraham Cooper show that the courageous witness of these African Christians is met by silence as their own government and the international community respond with cold indifference. Read this compelling book and learn why we should act while there is still time.'
--Nina Shea, director, Hudson Institute's Center for Religious Freedom

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