Love Outside the Lines

Beyond the Boundaries of Race, Difference, and Preference

by Jimmy Rollins, Charles Ray, Rick N. Jones

On Sale: 2023-01-03

Book Summary

Jesus' goals of togetherness, oneness, and unity feel further off than ever before. Sparks of opinion have fueled the flame of prejudice, profiling, and hate. Although these seem to be the major problems, Pastor Jimmy Rollins believes they are merely symptoms of hearts that are separated from God.

About the Book

Read by the author.

Discover Jesus' goals of togetherness, oneness, and unity in an increasingly divided world. When you learn to confront the areas in your heart that might not love as Jesus loved, you can help build a flourishing, Christ-like culture.

Throughout his ministry, Jesus specifically bridged the gap with the ostracized, outcast, and overlooked. He told his followers to do the same. The gospel message is for everyone—and our mission as believers is to make disciples of Jesus, not duplicates of ourselves. This requires us to live and love beyond our preferences, to build relationships with those who are different from us, and to go beyond the boundaries of unspoken rules and invisible lines. It's time to break the strongholds of division that have been passed down from generation to generation.

In Love Outside the Lines, Jimmy Rollins will

  • expand the gospel message of Christ beyond the lines of cultural norms,
  • show us how to follow in Jesus' footsteps by moving away from racial stereotypes and moving toward things that unite us,
  • empower a culture of people willing to be part of the conversation on racial reconciliation,
  • help us embrace the kingdom truth that we are better together than we are divided, and
  • exemplify a life of dynamic diversity at church, work, and home.


Join Jimmy on a powerful journey to rediscover the discipleship of diversity that leads to unity. Together, we will confront our comfort-zone barriers—both known and unknown—and take a detour to pursue the kind of diverse relationships and honest dialog that build a flourishing Christ culture.

Reflection questions are included in the audiobook companion PDF download.

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