Positively, Penelope

by Pepper Basham

On Sale: 2023-08-01

Book Summary

Told mostly through letters, texts, and email, this contemporary romance will charm its way into hearts as Penelope rescues a theater and discovers her true self in the process.

About the Book

The world could do with a little more kindness and positivity and random acts of singing, don’t you think?

Dear Reader, My name is Penelope, and while I may not be a real-life princess, I’ve been told I possess a certain fairy-tale heroine quality. I wield optimism as my weapon of choice, don amazing shoes and vintage hats whenever possible, and speak in musical references. All of which perfectly qualifies me to succeed in my new role as a marketing intern at the historic Darling House theater on the island of Skymar.

Only . . . it seems this internship position is going to be a LOT bigger than I thought. The Gray family, who owns the theater, has been stuck in a rut of darkness ever since the loss of their matriarchs. Now all that’s left is a dying theater, a reclusive grandfather, three siblings, and an adorable seven-year-old girl who desperately needs some pixie-dust magic.

So that’s what this story is about. My plans to save the theater! (Plans that, somehow, keep being stolen by a local competitor.) And an anonymous online theater troupe. And two single brothers who may be vying for this American girl’s heart . . . until they’re not (or maybe they just want me for my ideas too). And a dream job offer that will require me to make a truly heart-wrenching decision. I may not excel at finishing stories, but I promise to see this one through to its happily ever after.



“What do you get when you combine a lovable heroine with characters who have mastered the art of witty banter? A charming read.” —Sheila Roberts, USA TODAY bestselling author

  • Witty, hilarious, and heartwarming contemporary romance
  • A sweet, kisses-only romance
  • An epistolary novel written mostly in emails and texts
  • Stand-alone novel, but a companion to Authentically, Izzy
  • Book length: approximately 110,000 words
  • Includes discussion questions for book clubs


'Basham is a rising star. POSITIVELY, PENELOPE is humorous and touching, and everything you want in the perfect summer read. Don't miss this one.'

'Like the character Penelope herself, this entire book radiates sunshine and magic. The banter between Penelope and her siblings kept me smiling. The theatrical references kept me humming and tapping my toes. And the overall joy that Pepper Basham exudes with her unique writing style and voice kept me engaged in a story I never wanted to leave. Simply put, this book is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.'

'This book is a positive delight from the first line to the last. I adored Penelope in Izzy's book and she screamed for her own book, so I couldn't wait to dive into the pages of this novel. On my goodness, it was a true, laugh-out-loud joy to read this book. The story was filled with twists and hiccups, but there was such delight and fun. And fairy tales. And princesses. And Julie Andrews. Gene Kelly. All the things I adore. In one place. And such fun. And the kissing. Pepper does enjoy writing kissing books. I highly recommend this sweet, fun, romantic romp of a book. It was wonderful!'

'What do you get when you combine a lovable heroine with characters who have mastered the art of witty banter? A charming read. And that is what POSITIVELY, PENELOPE is.'

'You won't want to put this book down! Pepper has a way with creating characters that are disarming and charismatic in all of the best ways, while still reflecting our inner-selves. Her stories are charming, witty, and I've never laughed so much while reading! You'll walk away with more joy than you came with and a heart full of assurance and encouragement over the power of our Heavenly Father's heart for your love story.'

Product Details

  • Imprint: Thomas Nelson
  • On Sale: 2023-08-01
  • Pages: 416
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson
  • Publication Date: 2023-08-01
  • Trim Size: 138.000mm x 212.000mm x 23.000mm
  • Weight: 326.000gr
  • Category 1 : FICTION / Christian / Romance
  • Category 2 : FICTION / Romance / Contemporary
  • Category 3 : FICTION / Romance / Romantic Comedy