How to Be Married (to Melissa)

A Hilarious Guide to a Happier, One-of-a-Kind Marriage

by Dustin Nickerson, Dustin Nickerson, Melissa Nickerson, Taylor Tomlinson

On Sale: 2022-06-07

Book Summary

Popular standup comedian and podcaster Dustin Nickerson delivers a hilarious and practical take on navigating marriage based on his everyday experiences as a husband, father, and an Average Joe who is still trying to figure it all out.

About the Book

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Your therapist told you that marriage was no laughing matter, but standup comedian and podcaster Dustin Nickerson begs to differ. Join Dustin as he draws on experiences from his incredibly average life to share tips for appreciating the uniqueness of every marriage.

Through storytelling and brutally honest disclosures, Dustin brings his highly relatable brand of humor to the challenges couples may face, including eating healthy (versus being happy), parenting (building crucial survival skills), finances (bill collectors, anyone?), and church attendance (Melissa's purse holds enough mints and fidget toys to entertain the kids and Dustin). 

Go beyond the formulas and charts of conventional marriage advice as you dig deep into your one-of-a-kind relationship. In this book written for actual married humans by an actual married human, Dustin shares:

  • Why laughter in your marriage is essential--even in the hard times
  • Why in marriage, unlike on Southwest, your baggage does not fly free
  • An approach to problem-solving (we're talking money, kids, and in-laws) that brings you closer
  • Why you should never put Scattergories on your wedding registry  

Praise for How to Be Married (to Melissa):

"How to Be Married (to Melissa) feels like you're having a conversation with a guy who has legitimate experience and expertise in my favorite things: faith, marriage, and comedy. In a culture full of 'fake it till you make it' people, Dustin is the real deal when it comes to all three categories."

--Trey Kennedy, comedian

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