Love Your Kids Without Losing Yourself

5 Steps to Banish Guilt and Beat Burnout When You Already Have Too Much to Do

by Morgan Cutlip

On Sale: 2023-09-19

Book Summary

Relationship expert and counselor Dr. Morgan Cutlip equips mothers with five simple steps for combating the chaos of motherhood, defeating feelings of guilt and inadequacy, and deeply loving their kids without neglecting or losing themselves.

About the Book

Loving your kids isn’t supposed to mean you completely disappear or get swallowed up by the demands of motherhood.

You want to be a great mother. But how do you care for yourself without neglecting your kids needs, feeling overwhelmed by guilt, or succumbing under the pressure to be perfect?

Dr. Morgan—a psychotherapist and relationship expert—has helped over 100,000 moms regain their sanity and prevent burnout through her popular courses, coaching, and social media wisdom. In her debut book, Love Your Kids Without Losing Yourself, she offers a proven step-by-step plan that any mom can follow.  In this powerful book, she reveals how to

  • rid yourself of mom-guilt for good,
  • identify your needs and express them with confidence,
  • create a self-care plan that goes beyond pedicures and bubble baths, and
  • thrive as a woman after being on the back burner for too long.


Love Your Kids Without Losing Yourself is a must-read book for modern moms. You don’t have to choose between self-abandonment or child-abandonment. You can love yourself and love your kids. Discover how to flourish as a mother, know exactly how to care for yourself in ways that actually make a difference, and finally feel joy in motherhood.

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  • On Sale: 2023-09-19
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  • Publication Date: 2023-09-19
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