Why Chasing Your Dreams, Finding Your Calling, and Reaching for Greatness Will Never Be Enough

by Kelly Needham, Kelly Needham, Jimmy Needham

On Sale: 2023-08-01

Book Summary

Author and Bible teacher Kelly Needham reveals how we've been fooled into chasing meaning in all the wrong places, identifies the source of our hunger for the extraordinary, and shows us the steps we can take today to build a purpose-filled reality without turning our lives upside-down.

About the Book

Read by the author.

What if you weren’t made for something great but for Someone great?

We often hear that we were made for more. Yet our modern understanding of what it means to live a meaningful life can feel more like a burden than a dream. What if the more that we crave is not something we achieve but something we receive?

In this provocative and deeply spiritual book, Bible teacher Kelly Needham explains the problem isn’t that we long for something more. The problem is what we believe “something more” is. We spend our lives chasing after verbs, when we were meant to live for the Noun. Using her own journey and creative retellings of Bible stories, Kelly offers insights into

  • why our hearts long for a sense of purpose,
  • how to hold the tension between seeking greatness and embracing the ordinary,
  • what the Bible says about true world-changers,
  • how modern technology affects our desires—and how to avoid its pitfalls, and
  • why resting accomplishes more than producing.


As we recognize the source of our hunger for the extraordinary, we can move forward in freedom rather than feeling stuck in guilt or disappointment. We can discover how to build a purpose-filled reality without turning our life upside down—so we can embrace the joy today that we always assumed was somewhere down the road.

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