The Unfair Advantage

7 Keys from the Life of Joseph for Transforming Any Obstacle into an Opportunity

by Aaron Burke, Aaron Burke, Mark Batterson

On Sale: 2023-08-08

Book Summary

'Life's not fair!' You've heard it a million times--and probably said it yourself. But what if your greatest difficulties were steppingstones to a greater destiny? What if seasons of unbearable pain turned out to be pathways to unbelievable purpose?

About the Book

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“Life’s not fair!” You've heard it a million times—and probably said it yourself. But what if your most difficult moments could be pathways to unbelievable purpose? Pastor Aaron burke shows us how our greatest obstacles can be turned into our greatest opportunities.

In The Unfair Advantage, pastor Aaron Burke looks at seven unfair seasons Joseph endured in the book of Genesis and what those seasons can reveal to us about struggles we’re facing today. Drawing on modern-day examples while digging deep into Joseph’s story, Pastor Aaron shows us how, with God’s help, we can

  • transform adversity into advantage,
  • endure the most difficult seasons with courage and hope, and
  • be aware of God’s presence, peace, and promises—no matter what.


If you’re feeling discouraged, rejected, undervalued, tempted, unfairly punished, deprived, or forgotten—you’re not alone. Joseph’s remarkable story shows us how the most “unfair” moments of our lives can hold the most opportunity for God to work.

Your situation might seem hopeless. Yet God is forging something beautiful out of the brokenness, putting purpose to your pain, and building a future better than your greatest dreams. It all starts with having an unfair advantage.

Discussion questions are included in the audiobook companion PDF download.

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