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Megan Smalley

Megan Smalley is CEO of the Scarlet & Gold Shop and founder of the Give Grace campaign. As a Texas native and pastor’s kid, Megan grew up in a Christian environment and loved the Lord from a young age, but she wasn’t truly tested in her faith until she faced a personal battle with infertility. Now the proud mother to two twin boys, she is devoting her platform to sharing grace with others, encouraging them that the challenges they face are not in vain, and inspiring them to give grace in return.

She founded the Give Grace campaign and gained national attention for her line of Give Grace products, as she crafted a movement to help people embrace their sorrow and get through difficult seasons with grace. She continues to provide her tribe with faith-based resources as they navigate life’s troubling moments, and she has just completed the first year of her Give Grace podcast. Megan now lives in Auburn with her husband and two little ones, managing her shop, creating content, and delighting in life’s simple moments with the ones she loves.

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